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  Tears of frustration, tears of joy

26.05.2008 - The reactions of both sides after an emotional CL final in Wiener Neustadt that ended with Russian celebrations.

  Zvezda's key to winning the title

26.05.2008 - Which were the decisive moments in this women’s finals? Why Zvezda won the title. Read the analysis of Björn Pazen.

  ”I learned from this season”

26.05.2008 - Interview with Hypo coach, András Németh, after the defeat in the CL Final on Saturday.

  "The same joy as the World Championship title"

25.05.2008 - Words of joy and sorrow: comments after the game.

  Russian celebration ends women's CL

24.05.2008 - Russian winner in the CL for the first time: Zvezda Zvenigorod took the title after winning also the second leg in Austria.

  Trefilov believes in the trophy

23.05.2008 - A tough season ends for Zvezda with the final on Saturday. Coach Evgeni Trefilov shares his thoughts with Eurohandball.com.

  Facts and figures: the Women’s CL finals

23.05.2008 - Who won the most titles, which finals were decided in the second leg? A brief look at history…

  Who will succeed Slagelse?

23.05.2008 - Equal chances for Hypo and Zvezda before the second leg of the CL final.

  Support from friends

23.05.2008 - Hypo coach Németh tells us about the mistakes to correct and about the great interest before the CL second leg.

  Trefilov’s extended arm

23.05.2008 - After many difficult periods in her career, Zvezda's playmaker Irina Poltoratskaya, is on top again and wants to win the CL for the second time.

  Expert’s column: Herbert Müller – Part 2

23.05.2008 - The coach of 1.FC Nürnberg and Austria tells us what to expect from the Hypo vs Zvezda clash for the Champions Legaue trophy.

  Tóth feels the tension

21.05.2008 - Hypo star, Tímea Tóth, tells us how she and her team prepare for the second leg at home.

  ”It’s only halftime in the finals“

21.05.2008 - Eurohandball.com talks to Hypo’s goalkeeper, Sabine Englert.

  Local Times

21.05.2008 - To make sure that you do not miss the Hypo vs Zvezda game because of the various time zones across Europe, here is a useful tool for you.

  Zvezda win by one

17.05.2008 - The Russians take a one-goal advantage to Austria. No decision after a 25:24 in Chekhov.

  Rusnachenko: very tough final

16.05.2008 - One of the most experienced Hypo players, Natascha Rusnachenko, talks about the final agaist Zvezda.

  Prokop: We learned our lesson

16.05.2008 - Hypo's manager, Gunnar Prokop, tells us what he expects from the finals against Zvezda.

  Zvezda vs Hypo: clash of handball cultures

16.05.2008 - Analysis of the two teams playing for the CL trophy by Björn Pazen.

A legendary team going for the 9th title

16.05.2008 - Read the story of eight CL and Champions Cup titles of Hypo.

  Trefilov hopeful before the finals

16.05.2008 - Coach of Zvenigorod Zvezda tells Eurohandball.com what he expects from the games against Hypo.

  Németh: thousands of details

16.05.2008 - Despite the palpable tension, Hypo coach, András Németh, is apparently calm before the CL finals.

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