"The same joy as the World Championship title"Article
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"The same joy as the World Championship title"

After the 31:29 victory of Zvezda Zvenigorod in the second leg of the women’s Champions League final, all participants of the post match press conference shared the opinion that the Russian team were better in both finals.

Trefilov proud to win for Russia after 20 years / Photo by Leo HagenZvezda won the title for the first time ever by winning both final matches (25:24 at home and 31:29 in Wiener Neustadt).

Zvezda coach Evgeni Trefilov was very satisfied:

“I can’t even realise yet, that we really won the trophy. We improved our respect to the first match even as we had a great chance after winning the first leg. I think that the victory was well-deserved. For me it was the same joy that I felt after the World championship title as no Russian team had won this trophy in the last 20 years.”

Hypo coach András Németh was disappointed, but congratulated Zvezda for the victory:

“They were the better team, and we could not take an advantage of a few goals.”

Hypo manager Gunnar Prokop said some words of honor to the Russians team and his own team, and he also mentioned the “great atmosphere in the arena”.

Hypo player Piedade said:

“We had a nearly perfect season, but the icing on the cake is missing after this final. I’m very disappointed.”

Irina Poltortskaya was the best scorer of the match with ten goals and the playmaker – three times World champion – was enthusiastic:

“It was a hard season for us and we had to fight a lot to win this trophy. We won as a team and it’s really incredible that we are the winners of this competition.”

TEXT: Björn Pazen