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Hypo coach Németh tells us about the mistakes to correct and about the great interest before the CL second leg.

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Hypo NÖ are in a slight disadvantage of one goal before the second leg of the final. talks to the Hungarian coach of Hypo, András Németh. What was your experience from the first leg?

The coach, Tóth and Kirsner had to reserve tickets for friendsAndrás Németh: We started very well and we could carry out what we planned in the first half. I was shocked in the second half. As if another team would have come on court... We gave our advantage away in a couple of minutes and we were suffering. We are looking into this problem. We found back to our earlier selves only in the last minutes when we could close the gap.

We are lucky that we are only one goal behind after such a terrible second half. We are preparing for the second leg knowing what we have mistaken, but this one goal can still be levelled. I hope my players will feel how important this game is. Who were you satisfied with in Russia?

Németh: I didn’t see extraordinary performances as the team fell back in the second half. Tímea Tóth had her worse match in Hypo ever. I looked back on video and it confirmed what I have seen: Zvezda prepared for her and two players defended against her all the time. Kirsner, on the other hand, played in her best form, but her game wasn’t spotless either. We heard that many Hungarian handball fans will also arrive for the CL final...

Németh: The friends of the three of us ordered so many tickets from us that we had to reserve a sector for 200 people...

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