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Coach of Zvenigorod Zvezda tells what he expects from the games against Hypo.

Trefilov hopeful before the finals

A key to a possible Russian success is the coach of Zvezda Zvenigorod, Evfgeni Trefilov. The usually stern looking man is satisfied with the achievements of his team and he is only worried about the phisycal condition of the players. He tells what he expects from the games against Hypo.

Zvezda in the Zvezda have reached the CL Finals in their first season in the competition. What do you think about it?

Evgeni Trefilov: Certainly I’m very happy that Zvezda have a possibility to play the Final of the main European competition in the debut season. It will also be the first time for me as a coach to take my team to such a final. However, I’m also concerned about the condition of my players after an intense season. What are your expectations from the Final?

Evgeni Trefilov: From the first leg in Chekhov I expect, first of all, a good game in front of the Russian fans. There can be hope for a successful final with a good home performance. How many goals of advantage do you wish from the first game?

Evgeni Trefilov (smiling): When you play the second match in the hall of Mr. Prokop, not even an 8 to 10-goal home victory can be enough.

Two more matches against Hypo after the Main You played against Hypo in the Main Round before. What did you learn from those games?

Evgeni Trefilov: I learnt the lessons after the two games with Hypo, but it is very important that the conclusions were drawn by my players too. When we talk about those games, it is better to talk more about game in Chekhov as the second match was not important any more.

I would like to praise the transfers made by Mr. Prokop. After the last season, which was not very successful, Hypo released some players and built a new team. Now Hypo are strong practically in all positions, perhaps except for the left wing. What about the physical and mental preparation of your team? Is everyone fit for the finals?

Evgeni Trefilov: Certainly the team are tired physically and psychologically after four hard games in the national play-offs. We lost the Russian Superleague title against Lada, but now we have the opportunity to make up for it if we show a good performance in the Champions League Finals.