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02.04.2007 - After Portland San Antonio were knocked out of the EHF Champions League compeition at the weekend, the players from Spain are now looking towards their National Championship for a better result.


02.04.2007 - As everything hung in the balance and the entire 60 minutes hung on just on moment - Dan Beutler took Flensburg back to a Champions League final!


02.04.2007 - Way up in the north of Germany, spirits were on a high on Friday night, with words from the German song “Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?” meaning “If not now, then when?” filling the evening air. Over 10 000 Kiel fans filled the Ostseehalle in Kiel to support their team in what turned out to be a thrilling match which could of gone either way...


02.04.2007 - SG Flensburg are in the Champions League Final! For the chance to lift the CL trophy, the team can look to Beutler and his fantastic performance.

  Valladolid Stand Behind Their Team

29.03.2007 - Lorger and Gull were ill this week, but both players will be there against Flensburg.

  No Mistakes Allowed for Portland

29.03.2007 - It willl be a decisive match in Kiel with only two goals of advantage for the Spanish team. Injuries cause problems on both sides, and Xepkin returns to international level.

  Valladolid vs Flensburg: Pabellon Pisuerga Sold Out

29.03.2007 - Eurohandball.com talks to Valladolid manager, Raul Torres.

Portland Knows How to Win in the Ostseehalle

28.03.2007 - Handball history: in 1999, the Spanish team won the only match of the two teams in Ostseehalle. Back then, Buligan was the hero who saved shots from Olsson and Wislander...


27.03.2007 - THW Kiel, the Champions League semi-finalist, have signed up former Spanish national team player Andrei Xepkin following injury problems.

Muratovic: “The Keys are Defence and Goalkeeping”

27.03.2007 - Valladolid's star tells us how to beat Flensburg. The Montenegrin player is already satisfied with their CL campaign.

  Lozano Returns to Kiel

26.03.2007 - Demetrio Lozano played three years for THW Kiel and he talks about the German club with great respect. This weekend he returns to Ostseehalle.

  Narrow Victory for Portland

26.03.2007 - Kiel took the lead in the first half, but a better Portland defence gave them a two-goal victory. Decision on Friday.

  Dramatic Last Minutes for Flensburg

26.03.2007 - The hosts gained only a two-goal advantage over Valladolid leaving the decision for the return game.

  No Time to Rest for Flensburg

22.03.2007 - The German team hosts Valladolid in the semi-final. Coach Andersson calls the attention to Chema, Muratovic (pictured) and Gull.

  Portland Worried About Kjelling

21.03.2007 - Portland won their last game before the CL semi-final, but the injury of their Norwegian star may be a severe blow for the team.

  Historic Game for Valladolid

21.03.2007 - Pastor can send the strongest Valladolid on court in Flensburg. The Spanish team believe in a good result to keep their chances alive.

Spanish Semi-finalists Won in the Asobal

19.03.2007 - The two Spanish CL contenders won their weekend league games as they prepare for the semi-finals.

  Clash of the Giants in the Bundesliga

16.03.2007 - While CL teams are still busy with domestic league games, the semi-final tickets are already sold like hot cakes in Germany.

  Portland and Valladolid Prepare With Domestic Games

16.03.2007 - The Spanish teams have a relatively calm period with only one match this week. The CL contenders need to have a rest before the semi-finals coming up shortly.

  Unsuccessful Spanish Cup for the CL Teams

12.03.2007 - Portland and Valladolid suffered surprise defeats in the Spanish Cup. The early exit gave the teams more time to prepare for the upcoming CL semi-finals.

  Uwe Schwenker: Better to Avoid German Team

07.03.2007 - Kiel will face Portland in the semi-final. Kiel manager, Uwe Schwenker talked to Eurohandball.com about the chances.

  Semi-final Draw

07.03.2007 - The draw for the Men's Champions League semi-finals was carried out in Vienna.

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