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Pastor can send the strongest Valladolid on court in Flensburg. The Spanish team believe in a good result to keep their chances alive.

Historic Game for Valladolid

BM Valladolid arrives in Flensburg on Thursday, only one day before the historic European Cup match.

Pastor’s team played in Barcelona on Tuesday: they lost by 31-26 and wasted their chances to take third place in Asobal. After the game they prepared for the CL semi-final in the Granollers sports hall.Pastor can be optimistic with most of his players ready for the match

The first match of the semi-final will be a historic encounter for BM Valladolid. The Spanish team got this far on their first Champions League season ever.

BM Valladolid defeated Montpellier and Gummersbach – teams with immense European Cup traditions.

The Valladolid fans believe that a victory is still possible. As coach Pastor always says: “A knock-out encounter has two matches, 120 minutes”. He expects his players to go to Flensburg with this in mind.

Best possible team on court

Pastor is lucky. Most of the players will probably be fit for the game. Chema is also okay despite his recent injury, but he already played Asobal and Champions League matches. The captain is the motor of the team. Ávila also has a minor ankle injury; he may even miss the game.

Nobody wants to make predictions for the Flensburg match. The players hope that the decision will be made in Valladolid (in Pisuerga). It is also not forgotten that Barcelona were beaten by ten goals in Flensburg.

BM Valladolid will have a training in Campushalle on Thursday. Pastor will give the last instructions just before the important match.

TEXT: Manuel Belver