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SG Flensburg are in the Champions League Final! For the chance to lift the CL trophy, the team can look to Beutler and his fantastic performance.

Beutler The Hero!


Flensburg is in the final of the Champions League. For this, Kent-Harry Andersson has to thank his goalkeeper, Dan Beutler. The Swede stopped a penalty in the last second and now he is the hero of Flensburg. Beutler has been the best player in the two matches and he was the great protagonist in Pisuerga.

BM Valladolid is out of the Champions League. Pastor’s team fought for the entire 60 minutes; however luck was not on their side. Roberto Garcia Parrondo threw the decisive penalty but Beutler stopped it.

The match had smiles and tears. Flensburg smiled. Valladolid cried.

It can be said that in the first half, Valladolid were the better team. Flensburg had problems in attack (10:4, 17th minute). However, Andersson’s team is one of the best and within minutes the score was level.

Valladolid were visibly more tired in the second half, but somehow managed to stay ahead. The final minutes offered nail-biting excitement up until the pivotal moment when Beutler became the man of the hour after stopping that final penalty.

The Spanish trainer congratulated Flensburg but he confirmed that luck was not with his team.


TEXT: Manuel Belver