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Young, but experienced

24.09.2011 - EHF Women’s Champions League countdown, part 10: Metz Handball (FRA)

Suspension of Zvezda Zvenigorod player

18.03.2010 - Ekaterina Andryushina will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Women's Cup Winners' Cup.

  Who will succeed Slagelse?

23.05.2008 - Equal chances for Hypo and Zvezda before the second leg of the CL final.

  Expert’s column: Herbert Müller – Part 2

23.05.2008 - The coach of 1.FC Nürnberg and Austria tells us what to expect from the Hypo vs Zvezda clash for the Champions Legaue trophy.

  Zvezda win by one

17.05.2008 - The Russians take a one-goal advantage to Austria. No decision after a 25:24 in Chekhov.

  Best defence vs best offence

14.03.2008 - Zvenigorod and Hypo are both qualified for the semi-finals, so their battle will be a good test before the decisive matches of the women's CL.

  Hypo remain unbeaten

25.02.2008 - Zvenigorod Zvezda lose their first home match ever in a European competition after a 33:29 against the Austrian champions.

  Big victory of the Russian champions

15.02.2008 - The situation of Slagelse seems to be very difficult after another big defeat in Group 2. Zvenigorod's back in the race.

  Good chances despite defeat

07.01.2008 - Nürnberg lose 29:35 in Zvezda, but Main Round is still within reach.

  First victory of Zvezda

05.11.2007 - The Russian champions were apparently tired against Savehof, but the team of Trefilov gained their first victory of the season.

  Nürnberg’s sensational draw against Zvezda

29.10.2007 - Great joy in Nürnberg: despite having only eight healthy players, the German champions made a surprise home draw.

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