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Ekaterina Andryushina will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Women's Cup Winners' Cup.


Suspension of Ekaterina Andryushina (Zvezda Zvenigorod/RUS) for one match of the EHF club competitions.

Vienna, 18 March 2010 - The EHF Body of 1st Instance has dealt with the case of Ekaterina Andryushina (Zvezda Zvenigorod/RUS).

The body was called together following the direct disqualification of Ekaterina Andryushina in the last seconds (59:59) of the EHF Cup Winners' Cup match between KIF Vejen/DEN and Zvezda Zvenigorod/RUS, for an action of serious unsportsmanlike conduct. The game was played in the 1st leg of the EHF Cup Winners' Cup Quarterfinal on 13 March 2010.

As a result, Ekaterina Andryushina has been suspended for one match of an EHF club competition. This means that she will not be eligible to play the next match of her team versus KIF Vejen taking place on 20 March 2010 in Zvenigorod.