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Zvenigorod Zvezda lose their first home match ever in a European competition after a 33:29 against the Austrian champions.

Hypo remain unbeaten

Hypo seem to be unbeatable - even the Russian Zvezda Zvenigorod lost on home court against the Austrian champions. The 29:33 meant Zvezda’s first home defeat in Europe ever.

Hypo are very close to the semi-finals nowThe game was very equal at the start and it was a very tough game for both sides.

Hypo coach, András Németh, tried to stop the backcourt players of Zvezda from scoring too many goals, but Zvenigorod often found spaces on the wing. After 22 minutes it was still 14:14. A little change made a difference: after 15 minutes Hypo brought on their experienced goalkeeper Natascha Rusnachenko to replace Sabine Englert, and the 38-year old immediately saved two shots and gave her team the advantage. It was 19:15 for the guests at halftime.

After the break Hypo increased the lead to six goals, but Zvezda didn’t give up: they fought back but never came closer than three goals. In the end, the Austrian champions won 33:29, their ninth win out of nine European games.

"I’m very proud of this performance," said Hypo coach, András Nemeth, after the game. "We showed a great spirit and had a good defence again.

Natascha Rusnachenko’s display was simply great: “It is a very good feeling to beat a team with eight players winning the World Championship just a few weeks ago."

TEXT: Eurohandball.com