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Four favourites for semi-final tickets

30.03.2018 - ROUND PREVIEW: Based on the first leg of the quarter-finals, four teams stand out as favourites to clinch the semi-final berths in the Men’s Challenge Cup over Easter

Athens and Turda on course for semi-finals

25.03.2018 - ROUND REVIEW: A.E.K. Athens and AHC Potaissa Turda have the best odds after clear wins in the first leg of the Men’s Challenge Cup Quarter-finals

Turda face Norwegian opposition

22.03.2018 - QUARTER-FINAL PREVIEW: Last year's finalists from Romania host FyllingenBergen as the first leg of the Men's Challenge Cup Quarter-finals will be played this weekend

Men’s Challenge Cup Final to be a Portuguese derby

01.05.2016 - SEMI-FINAL REVIEW – The Final in the Men’s Challenge Cup will be an entirely Portuguese affair, after a set wins for Benfica and ABC UMinho.

Benfica must finish the job, possible thriller in Prague

30.04.2016 - SEMI-FINAL PREVIEW: Benfica take 13 goal lead with them to Norway, while ABC/UMinho defend narrow one goal lead in Prague in the Challenge Cup.

ABC/UMinho take win and Benfica very close to the final

24.04.2016 - SEMI-FINAL REVIEW: Benfica defeat FyllingenBergen by 13 goals, while ABC/UMinho and Dukla Praha give each other a close fight in the Men’s Challenge Cup semi-finals

Benfica, Fyllingen and Praha clinch last semi-final berths

27.03.2016 - ROUND REVIEW: The last three semi-finalists in the Men’s Challenge Cup come from Portugal, Norway and the Czech Republic.

Crunch time in the Challenge Cup's quarter-finals

25.03.2016 - ROUND PREVIEW: Six teams compete on Saturday and Sunday to follow ABC/Uminho to the semi-finals of the Men's Challenge Cup

Braga in semi-final, Fyllingen close

21.03.2016 - ROUND REVIEW – Abc/UMinho from Braga are in the semi-final after a draw in the second leg against Wacker Thun

Last five quarter-finalists to be decided

18.02.2016 - ROUND PREVIEW: One double header among the matches in the Last 16 of the Men’s Challenge Cup this weekend

Benfica and Bergen cruise into quarter-finals

14.02.2016 - ROUND REVIEW: Clear double-header wins for Portuguese and Norwegian teams in the Challenge Cup

Fyllingen kept up for one half time

12.02.2010 - The Hamburg SV express with a clear victory at home.

Fältnäs stays with Fyllingen

06.11.2009 - The Swedish coach will stay with the Norwegian CL team until 2012.

Fifteen Knudsen goals for Kielce

04.10.2009 - Surprising Kielce and Bosna: read the summary of all games on Saturday!

Zagreb start in Bergen

01.10.2009 - Croatian champions will visit CL debutants in Bergen. No secret: Zagreb count on victory.

Fyllingen's great adventure

16.09.2009 - The CL debut is a big success for the Norwegians who eager to welcome stars in Bergen. Coach Fältnäs talks about it.

Modest optimism in Fyllingen

03.09.2009 - talks to Fyllingen coach Fältnäs about the qualification games in Bergen.

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