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The Hamburg SV express with a clear victory at home.

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HSV celebrates after the clear victory.Fyllingen kept up for one half time

After the final whistle everyone was happy. HSV Hamburg of course, as they almost certainly have qualified for the last sixteen in the Champions League with the clear 37:21 (17:13) victory.

"A heavy piece of craftsmanship, but it surely was nice to finally play handball again after the EURO break," Hamburg back player ace Pascal Hens said smiling.

But also Fyllingen struck a positive balance. The team of Anders Fältnäs, who used to be Hamburg coach in the season 2002/03 the way, performed significantly improved than at the 17:48 in the first leg in November.

"Especially in the first half, we have managed to stick to our concept, with that I am very satisfied," Anders Fältnäs analyzed.

2466 spectators saw big contrasts before the starting whistle. On the one side one of the favourites for winning this year’s Champions League with none less than five EURO medal winners in the squad. On the other side was the current second from Norway which lined up with very much a young and inexperienced team.

"Fyllingen showed a clear increase compared with the first leg and performed with a tactical discipline, a lot of engagement and enthusiasm here," HSV coach Martin Schwalb praised the opponent.

The Scandinavians held up a draw to 7:7 lay up on close touch until minute 27 with 12:14. But after the break the Hamburgers found their rhythm and left off with an 8 goal lead that decided the game.

"At that time HSV could bring on fresh players. There the pressure became too big for us," Fältnäs found out.

The host team changed cheerfully, also presenting a debutant on the European stage, youth player Marcel Schliedermann. On the other team, Svend Magnus Pettersen stood out with nine scored goals. The best goal scorer of the day was Hans Lindberg. The HSV right wing scored eleven times.

TEXT: Jan Kirschner