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Trilogy of finals defined heroes of the late 90s

21.06.2016 - FEATURE: Two protagonists, Ortega and Saracevic recall memories of perhaps the greatest handball duels of all time at the end of the 90s.

Veszprem fined for spectator incident

09.06.2016 - The EHF Court of Handball has ruled upon the case opened against MVM Veszprém following an incident occurred within the frame of the 2015/16 VELUX EHF Champions League Quarter-final (2nd leg) against HC Vardar.

PSG qualify for FINAL4, despite home draw against Zagreb

01.05.2016 - MATCH REVIEW: For the first time in history, PSG Handball qualify for the VELUX EHF FINAL4, despite the draw at home to RK Zagreb.

Defending champions Barcelona eliminated despite home win

30.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: THW Kiel qualify for the VELUX EHF FINAL4 after a thrilling endgame and thanks to Canellas’s triple strike

Veszprem book their third straight ticket to FINAL4

30.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: 2015 finalists Veszprem clinch their VELUX EHF FINAL4 berth, but have to climb a much higher mountain than expected to tie with Vardar

Colleagues in the swimming-pool, rivals on court

29.04.2016 - FACE TO FACE: Filip Jicha and Niklas Landin met for rehab at THW Kiel before the Czech departed for Barcelona, and now only one of them will make it to Cologne.

Will five goals be enough for Kiel’s FINAL4 ticket?

29.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL PREVIEW: Barcelona host Kiel with a five-goal deficit to turn around and the chance to be the club’s only Champions League semi-finalist.

PSG look confidently to their debut FINAL4

28.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL PREVIEW: After an eight-goal away win in the first-leg quarter-final against Zagreb, PSG look set to secure a ticket to Cologne when they play at home on Sunday.

"FC Barcelona: The Fighting Irish"

28.04.2016 - BLOG: Can THW Kiel hold on to their advantage at Palau Blaugrana, the place where first leg leads go to die

Sabaté: "I only care about my team and our next match."

28.04.2016 - NEWS FEATURE: MVM Veszprém welcome HC Vardar with a three-goal advantage from the first leg but their Spanish head coach knows losing concentration would be fatal.

Michal Jurecki leads Kielce to second VELUX EHF FINAL4 in a row

27.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: Polish side defeat Flensburg by the smallest of margins.

Looking for satisfaction in Kielce

26.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL PREVIEW: Polish side count on home advantage to overcome Flensburg to reach the VELUX EHF FINAL4

How have PSG turned into genuine contenders?

26.04.2016 - FIRST-HAND INSIGHT: A number of factors have transformed Paris Saint-Germain into a team on the verge of their first VELUX EHF FINAL4

Sport and study calling Glandorf to Cologne

26.04.2016 - NEWS FEATURE: Flensburg’s top scorer against Kielce hopes to make it to the VELUX EHF FINAL4, even though it would mean postponing his European Handball Manager exams

Palau Blaugrana to host the season’s last MOTW

25.04.2016 - NEWS REPORT: The 2015/16 Match of the Week series will conclude on court of defending champions in Barcelona on Saturday.

Klein and Landin keep Kiel’s flame of hope burning

24.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: THW win the giant’s duel of former Champions League winners against Barcelona 29:24

Rock-solid PSG close in on FINAL4 berth

23.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: French giants PSG overpower Zagreb thanks to a masterful performance in the Croatian capital’s jam-packed arena.

Eleven goals from Glandorf not enough for Flensburg

23.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: An extraordinary defensive performance opens the gate to Cologne for Kielce after a well-deserved draw in Flensburg.

Ilic shakes off injury to secure vital victory

23.04.2016 - QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: Veszprém edge Macedonian rivals Vardar by three goals to win their first-leg VELUX EHF Champions League Quarter-final.

Reichmann: In Germany, every kid wants to be a goalkeeper now

23.04.2016 - INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK: German winger plotting to put Flensburg out of contention for Cologne.

Vori: “Zagreb are favourites on Saturday”

22.04.2016 - FEATURE: Influential Croatian is coming back again to where he spent most of his career.

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