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  Zvezda's key to winning the title

26.05.2008 - Which were the decisive moments in this women’s finals? Why Zvezda won the title. Read the analysis of Björn Pazen.

  Who will succeed Slagelse?

23.05.2008 - Equal chances for Hypo and Zvezda before the second leg of the CL final.

  Zvezda win by one

17.05.2008 - The Russians take a one-goal advantage to Austria. No decision after a 25:24 in Chekhov.

Zvezda, the rising star of women’s handball

15.05.2008 - Coach Evgeni Trefilov built a great team after leaving Lada. Here's the story of the star-studded Russian club.

  Expert’s column: Herbert Müller – Part 1

15.05.2008 - The coach of 1.FC Nürnberg and Austria tells us what to expect from the Zvezda vs Hypo clash for the Champions Legaue trophy.

  Zvezda going for consolation in the CL

14.05.2008 - The Russian team hope to win the CL title after losing the domestic title to Lada.

  Győr dominate first leg

21.04.2008 - The Hungarians led by Bradeanu and Pálinger defeat Zvezda in Russia in the first leg of the women's semi-final.

  Best defence vs best offence

14.03.2008 - Zvenigorod and Hypo are both qualified for the semi-finals, so their battle will be a good test before the decisive matches of the women's CL.

  Danish dominance comes to an end

10.03.2008 - New country will celebrate in the Women's CL after four Danish titles: Viborg lose 37:32 in Russia and Zvenigorod Zvezda qualify for the semi-finals on second place.

  Zvezda running for the semi-finals

03.03.2008 - Zvezda Zvenrigord are back in the race for the semi-finals in Group 2 after an easy 27-20 away victory over Slagelse DT.

  Hypo remain unbeaten

25.02.2008 - Zvenigorod Zvezda lose their first home match ever in a European competition after a 33:29 against the Austrian champions.

  Big victory of the Russian champions

15.02.2008 - The situation of Slagelse seems to be very difficult after another big defeat in Group 2. Zvenigorod's back in the race.

  Good chances despite defeat

07.01.2008 - Nürnberg lose 29:35 in Zvezda, but Main Round is still within reach.

  First victory of Zvezda

05.11.2007 - The Russian champions were apparently tired against Savehof, but the team of Trefilov gained their first victory of the season.

  Nürnberg’s sensational draw against Zvezda

29.10.2007 - Great joy in Nürnberg: despite having only eight healthy players, the German champions made a surprise home draw.

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