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Ystad's Nilsson suspended for one match

09.05.2016 - OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The EHF Court of Handball has ruled out the player of the Swedish club for one game following his unsportmanlike conduct in the group phase match at Helvetia Anaitasuna.

14 times more than 3,000 spectators and an impressive Chambery defence

30.03.2016 - FACTS AND FIGURES: Before the last steps towards the EHF Cup Finals will be taken, here are the most important numbers of the competition so far.

Nantes to the Finals, last quarter-final tickets booked

27.03.2016 - REVIEW: Ystads IF meet the bitter destiny of being the only second-placed team not to reach the quarter-finals of the Men’s EHF Cup.

Göppingen to quarter-final, Ystad await Sunday’s results

26.03.2016 - EHF CUP REVIEW: Both of Saturday’s Men’s EHF Cup Group Phase matches ended with wins for the away side.

Race for the quarter-finals comes to a halt

25.03.2016 - ROUND PREVIEW: Only two teams are certain of qualification for the quarter-finals of the Men's EHF Cup before the last match day of the group stage.

Karalek wants to show himself in Europe

24.03.2016 - BACK TO NANTES: 20-year-old Artsem Karalek is one of the biggest prospects of SKA Minsk and Belarusian handball in general.

Granollers boost quarter-final hopes, while Winterthur take first win

21.03.2016 - DAY REVIEW: Fraikin BM. Granollers may still hope for the quarter-final, while HBC Nantes are close to the Finals, and Pfadi Winterhtur got their first win

Silkeborg and Chambery win their groups before the last match day

19.03.2016 - DAY REVIEW: Bjerringbro-Silkeborg and Chambery Savoie Handball are sure to win their groups after away wins Saturday

Silkeborg and Chambery chasing group win

18.03.2016 - ROUND PREVIEW: Two teams can win their group in the Men's EHF Cup this weekend already.

Kim Andersson is back – but for how long?

16.03.2016 - INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK: Kim Andersson has returned to the Swedish national team and will take to the court in the Olympic qualification in April. In this interview he explains what made him come back and why he – despite his long-term shoulder injury – will never stop shooting

First defeats for Magdeburg and Silkeborg

06.03.2016 - ROUND REVIEW: SC Magdeburg and Bjerringbro-Silkeborg suffer their first defeats of the group phase while French teams triumph in the Men’s EHF Cup.

Mixed results for Romanian teams

06.03.2016 - ROUND REVIEW: Dinamo Bucuresti and Holstebro record wins and Chambery secure the lead in Group D.

Second half begins with reverse matches

04.03.2016 - ROUND PREVIEW: The teams who met last weekend meet again, as the Men’s EHF Cup Group Phase continues.

Aalborg still believe in the chance

03.03.2016 - BACK TO NANTES: With one point in the first three matches, the EHF Cup Group Phase has not been what Aalborg Handball expected, but the players still cling to the hope for the quarter-final.

Holstebro take clear home win against Dutch champions

28.02.2016 - MATCH REVIEW: Teams Tvis Holstebro were leading by 10 goals against OCI-LIONS, but the Dutch team managed to reduce the gap at the end

Third win for Magdeburg and Silkeborg; first defeat for Nantes

27.02.2016 - DAY REVIEW: Three teams remain undefeated at the halfway mark in the group phase of the Men’s EHF Cup

First half of the group phase coming to an end

26.02.2016 - ROUND PREVIEW – After this weekend, all teams in the respective groups of the Men´s EHF Cup will have met each other once

A special reunion after 39 years

25.02.2016 - NEWS FEATURE: In 1977 SC Magdeburg and BM Granollers faced each other for the first time, over two legs; they will meet for the second time on Saturday.

Magdeburg, Nantes and Silkeborg double their points

21.02.2016 - DAY REVIEW: Narrow wins for SC Magdeburg and Bjerringbro-Silkeborg, while Frisch Auf Göppingen and HBC Nantes book clear wins.

First wins for Granollers, Saint-Raphael and Ystad

20.02.2016 - REVIEW: Granollers, Saint-Raphael, Ystad and CSM Bucuresti take their first points in the group phase in the Men's EHF Cup.

Early top matches in two groups

18.02.2016 - ROUND PREVIEW: Group A, B, C and D all in action this weekend, with four matches live on ehfTV.com.

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Obrvan back to his best and with clear goals
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