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FACTS AND FIGURES: Before the last steps towards the EHF Cup Finals will be taken, here are the most important numbers of the competition so far.
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14 times more than 3,000 spectators and an impressive Chambery defence

Frisch Auf Göppingen with the best attack, Chambery Savoie Handball with the best defence, EHF Cup Finals host HBC Nantes with the highest number of spectators – those are only some of the most important facts and figures of the EHF Cup Group Phase, which ended on Sunday.

0 French teams have won the old or new format of the EHF Cup so far. This year, the chance to break the series is good as three French teams are still in the competition.

0 champions managed to defend their title in the new format implemented season 2012/13. This series will continue this year, as defending champions Füchse Berlin were eliminated by Chambery in the third qualification round. The last team to win and to defend the EHF Cup title in the old format is this year's quarter-finalist Frisch Auf Göppingen (2011, 2012).

0 Spanish teams have made it to the quarter-finals of the new format of the EHF Cup until Sunday: Thanks to a last second draw, Fraikin BM. Granollers clinched their berth for the quarter-finals as first Liga Asobal team.

1 former EHF Champions League winner - as every year so far - is still in the race for the EHF Cup trophy: SC Magdeburg. The same club was the quarter-finalist in 2013, followed by the later-on finalists Montpellier HB (2014) and HSV Hamburg (2015).

1 German team, at least, was a part of every EHF Cup Finals so far.

1 team – Chambery Savoie Handball – is the only to arrive from qualification round 2 in the quarter-finals, all the others started their international season in qualification round 3.

1 host of the EHF Cup Finals took the trophy: Füchse Berlin in 2015. The same team failed in the semi-final 2014 against MOL-Pick Szeged. Host Nantes made it to the final against Rhein-Neckar Löwen in 2013.

3 winners of the former EHF Cup format (or even IHF Cup) are among the six quarter-finalists: SC Magdeburg, Frisch Auf Göppingen and Fraikin BM. Granollers.

3 of 48 group matches ended with 45 or less goals.

4 times (including the current season) the hosts of the EHF Cup Finals qualified directly for the final tournament by skipping the quarter-finals: Nantes in 2013 and 2016 and Berlin in 2014 and 2015.

4 nations are represented by the six quarter-finalists: France and Germany (each 2), Spain and Denmark. Last year, the number was the same, beside Germany and Denmark, Sweden and Slovenia were represented.

4 of 48 group matches ended with a distance of ten or more goals. A prove for the close level of the participants.

6 nations so far were represented by the teams which qualified for the EHF Cup Finals since 2013: Germany (5 teams), France (2), Denmark (2), Romania (1), Hungary (1), Slovenia (1). Two more nations – Sweden and Portugal – were represented by quarter-finalists.

7 of 48 group matches ended in draws, Group B was the only one without any level result.

9 of 48 group matches ended with 60 or more goals scored.

10 from 12 possible points were won by Nantes and Chambery in the group phase.

14 times between the implementation in the 1993/94 season until the competition was merged in 2012, German teams won the old format of the EHF Cup. 2 more times (Löwen in 2013 and Berlin in 2015), German teams won the new format.

14 group matches were attended by more than 3,000 fans.

15 away wins were among the 48 group matches.

20 goals was the biggest margin in a group match, it occurred when Göppingen beat OCI-Lions 40:20.

26 times in 48 group matches the home team was victorious in the end.

+37 is the best goal difference in the group phase, by Göppingen.

58 goals were scored by the Spaniard Javier Humet (CSM Bucuresti) to be the top scorer of the competition so far.

71 goals were scored in the match OCI Lions vs Göppingen (31:40), which is the highest score of two teams.

141 goals were conceded in the group phase by Chambery to have the best defence.

196 were scored by Göppingen to have the best attack of the group phase.

4,421 fans were present at the highest attended match in the group phase, when Nantes hosted Göppingen.

Top numbers of the EHF Cup Group Phase

Most goals both teams:
71 goals: OCI-Lions vs Frisch Auf Göppingen (31:40)
67 goals: Dinamo Bucuresti vs SC Magdeburg (33:34)
65 goals: Team Tvis Holstebro vs Frisch Auf Göppingen (34:31)

Fewest goals both teams:
44 goals: SC Magdeburg vs Aalborg Handball (25:19)
45 goals: Pfadi Winterthur vs Saint-Raphael Var Handball (21:24)
45 goals: Helvetia Anaitasuna vs Ystads IF (22:23)

Biggest margins:
+20 goals: Frisch Auf Göppingen vs OCI-Lions (40:20)
+17 goals: SC Magdeburg vs Dinamo Bucuresti (39:22)
+13 goals: Frisch Auf Göppingen vs Team Tvis Holstebro (26:23)

Most spectators:
4421: HBC Nantes vs Frisch Auf Göppingen
4260: SC Magdeburg vs Dinamo Bucuresti
4152: HBC Nantes vs OCI-Lions

Best attack:
198 goals scored: Frisch Auf Göppingen
184 goals scored: SC Magdeburg
176 goals scored: HBC Nantes

Best defence:
141 goals conceded: Chambery Savoie Handball
151 goals conceded: HBC Nantes
155 goals conceded. Bjerringbro-Silkeborg

Best goal difference:
+37 goals: Frisch Auf Göppingen
+25 goals: HBC Nantes
+22 goals: SC Magdeburg

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