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The coach of 1.FC Nürnberg and Austria tells us what to expect from the Hypo vs Zvezda clash for the Champions Legaue trophy.

Expert’s column: Herbert Müller – Part 2

The coach of the 1.FC Nürnberg, Herbert Müller, answers the questions of before the second leg of the CL finals.

The goal of Kirsner was important at the endThe experienced coach knows the two sides very well as his club, Nürberg, met Zvezda in the Group Phase of the 2007/08 CL and Müller is also coach of the Austrian National Team. What did you think about the first game?

Herbert Müller: I believe this one-goal defeat is a very good result for Hypo. They played very well in the first half, while they had problems after the break. Zvenigorod had a big chance to take a bigger lead, but they missed a 7-m shot and the goal of Kirsner gives good hope for the Austrians. What happened in the second half?

Herbert Müller: Hypo did not play as quick as they did before and Zvenigorod improved in defence significantly. In addition, Andryushina was in good shooting form, so the hosts could win the game.

However, this one goal is an ideal result. They have to be careful, because they have also seen what happened to Győr. This is a dangerous result, but a big chance. The second game will be played in Wr. Neustadt. What does it mean for Hypo?

Herbert Müller: It is difficult to play the final in a different sports hall, but they had their trainings in that hall this week. This will not have an influence on the game; it’s all the same where you play the final, they will go for their 9th European title. Speaking about the eight previous titles of Hypo… Do you think this team can be compared to the legendary squad Hypo once had?

Oh is a real playmaker in HypoHerbert Müller: Today Hypo are more of a team than before. Those years they had the best players, while today they have a great team. I believe that Viborg or Valcea may have better individual players, but Hypo have a superb playmaker and many team players. Do you think tactics can still play a role in the fourth match of the two teams this season?

Herbert Müller: Tactics can win a game. Any game…

Hypo will have to put pressure on Kareeva, Polenova and Adryushina. Zvezda also have Poltoratskaya who can “read the game” well, so the Austrians will need to have an open, aggressive defence.

Zvenigorod have huge international experience. They have played many finals so far, which can be decisive. They will not be nervous and they will be able to play what they planned.

I’m just happy that I will have a chance to watch this game live!

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