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One of the most experienced Hypo players, Natascha Rusnachenko, talks about the final agaist Zvezda.

Rusnachenko: very tough final

Hypo visited Zvezda Zvenigorod in the Main Round already. Though Hypo took the two points from Russia, that game was not the best ever for goalkeeper Sabine Englert. Hypo’s legendary Natascha Rusnachenko came in to substitute her and she has shown a great performance taking her share from the victory. Do the Main Round games have any importance before the finals?

"Doesn't matter what happened before!"Natascha Rusnachenko: Definitely not. In a final you have to make sure that you give 100%. You have to do all you can, because everyone wants to win the final. What are the advantages for Hypo?

Natascha Rusnachenko: Zvezda have eight players who already won the World Championship this year. The Champions League would just be a bonus for them. Not for us. This title means everything to us. We want to bring this trophy back to Austria and to Hypo. What will be the difference respect to the Main Round games that you played against Zvenigorod this season?

Rusnachenko: A final is always special. If you want to win, you have to play in top form. Mow also our Korean players know that.

In the first year they underestimated the importance of the Champions League, now everyone who is at the club knows what it takes to win it. What happened before does not matter in the final. The Russians will be better prepared than last time. It will be a very tough final...