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Hypo's manager, Gunnar Prokop, tells us what he expects from the finals against Zvezda.

Prokop: We learned our lesson

Eight long years have gone by without a Champions League final. It is easy to understand that the manager of Hypo Niederösterreich, Gunnar Prokop, is delighted to have come this far. asks him about it.

Hypo learnt from the Lada gameGunnar Prokop: Of course I am. We reached our first target of the season, we are in the final. Now we have to make sure that we get our second target too, which is winning the trophy, of course. What did you tell the girls before the game?

Gunnar Prokop: We made a mistake once, which is of course no problem. But to make the same mistake again would be silly. Everyone expected us to win the away game in Togliatti. I say everybody, including me and the coaches, but we lost there. We learned our lesson. Winning would be nice, but it is all about reaching a good position for the return game. Are you favourites for winning the final?

Gunnar Prokop: In a final the chances are always 50:50. It would be not professional to think that we are favourites. But of course I want to win this first leg in Russia.