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Despite the palpable tension, Hypo coach, András Németh, is apparently calm before the CL finals.

Németh: thousands of details

Head coach of Hypo, András Németh, knows that the club is living days of tension, however, he does not feel too much pressure himself. Hypo will close a successful year anyway.

Eurohandball.com: What is your current form before the first Zvezda game?

Reaching the finalwas already a success for HypoAndrás Németh: We are in better conditions respect to the first game against Lada in the semi-finals. Back then we had too little time to prepare against weak opponents. This time there was not such a long break and we could spend this time with useful work. Last week we played against Ljubjana, this week we hosted Dunaferrt. However, it was difficult to find good test partners for next week, so we will play against boys.

Eurohandball.com: You have also tested a couple of new players for next season. Have you seen players among them who could reinforce Hypo next seaason?

Németh: The Turkish girl, Serpil Iskenderoglu, made a good impression. The decision will not be mine, but she would play for us if it was up to me.

Eurohandball.com: You cannot expect an easy job against Zvezda...

Németh: I was surprised by the semi-final victory of Zvezda after being defeated by Győr on home court. It is an interesting question what the ideal result would be. Many told me that a two-goal defeat could be ideal because this is a minimal difference that you have to turn at home. After a close victrory everyone would believe that the second leg would be easy and feel that winning is obligatory. Some could not cope with it well.

There is a lot of tension on the playersEurohandball.com: What could be the key to success?

Németh: We have to score one more goal than them. The success can depend on thousands of small details. If, let’s say, there will be 100 attacks, we have to win 66 at least out of them.

Eurohandball.com: You have just won the Austrian title. How much can you call it a success?

Németh: Not really. I had to face a different situation here to Hungary. But it does not mean that we cannot spend our time, it is possible to find good opponents.

Eurohandball.com: Do you feel tension in the club? It is common knowledge that Hypo want to win the CL every year and now the team are just a step away.

Németh: There are intesive preparations, but I do not feel anxcious. I think it was a successful season, the team performed better than a year ago and we made a good impression.

Eurohandball.com: Hungarian national coach, János Hajdu, has announced his Olympic squad. Your left winger, Erika Kirsner, is not part of it. Did she expect it?

Németh: She was absolutely prepared for the news.

TEXT: handball.hu (Ildikó Balogh)