Expert’s column: Herbert Müller – Part 1Article
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The coach of 1.FC Nürnberg and Austria tells us what to expect from the Zvezda vs Hypo clash for the Champions Legaue trophy.

Expert’s column: Herbert Müller – Part 1

The coach of the 1.FC Nürnberg, Herbert Müller, answers the questions of before the finals of the Champions League.

Nürnberg were very equal with Zvezda in the Group PhaseThe experienced coach knows the two sides very well as his club, Nürberg, met Zvezda in the Group Phase of the 2007/08 CL and Müller is also coach of the Austrian National Team.

Herbert Müller: I expect very tough games from the finals, but I believe that Hypo are great favourites of the fixture. Why do you think?

Herbert Müller: Hypo play faster handball. Their coach, András Németh, was able to build a good team, which is a good mixture of the Hungarian and Korean philosophy of playing. This is the first time after many years that I feel that Hypo are really a team. What is special in the handball philosophy of these two countries?

"The best playmaker ever," Müller saysHerbert Müller: They play handball and they do not focus on power and shooting. In addition, they have a great goalkeeper, Englert, and the best playmaker who ever played handball… The Korean Oh…

Herbert Müller: Yes. Handball is in her blood. She is a very intelligent player who can feel the game. If she plays in a good form, she can decide a game. However, that can be a problem too: when she doesn’t play in form, the team can also suffer that. What can be the chance of Zvezda?

Herbert Müller: Zvezda are always dangerous. Just look at the game when they have beaten Győr away after losing the first game at home in the semi-finals. They have world champions in their team and they will be tough opponents in the final. The first match will be played in Russia. Is that a big advantage for Hypo?

Herbert Müller: It is an advantage, but Zvezda showed in Hungary that they are able to win away. The situation was the same with Ciudad Real and they could also win away. This will not be decisive.

Hypo have beaten Zvezda in What will decide than?

Herbert Müller: The goalkeepers, the middle players and the line players. This middle axis will be the most important factor for the teams.

I expect Hypo to try to play a quick game, while Zvezda will try to shoot from the back positions. We will see who will be more successful with it…