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Viborg have played against Hypo and Zvezda this season. Their coach, Tomas Ryde, talks about the chances in the final.

Ryde: Hypo are clear favourites

The Swedish coach of Viborg, Tomas Ryde, has probably the best knowledge of the two Women’s finalists. Ryde and his team met both Hypo Niederösterreich and Zvezda Zvenigorod in the Main Round of the Champions League. Viborg finished third in the group behind Hypo and Zvezda.

Ryde experienced that Oh is probably the best playmaker in the CL todayEurohandball.com therefore asks Ryde to analyse the chances in the final.

Tomas Ryde: Hypo are undoubtedly the better team at the moment, also a more versatile team than Zvezda. I believe that they are clear favourites.

Eurohandball.com: What will be the decisive factors?

Tomas Ryde: Probably the fact that Hypo are able to play faster and more directly than Zvezda. Their Korean playmaker, Oh, is probably the best playmaker in the Champions League. In addition, Hypo will play the second game at home and this will play an important role.

Eurohandball.com: But we saw in the men’s CL finals that finishing at home is not always an advantage…

Tomas Ryde: Yes, that’s correct, but Hypo are so strong at home and also such a strong away team that we will probably not see the men’s finals repeat. Hypo’s away strength was clearly shown when they won by five goals here in Viborg in the Main Round…

Eurohandball.com: Is it going to be important that Hypo won both matches against Zvezda in the Main Round?

Tomas Ryde, Yes, there is no doubt that. This will give Hypo a further psychological advantage. It may also affect the Zvezda players psychologically that they lost the finals of the Russian championship to Lada Togliatti.

Eurohandball.com: What’s Zvezda´s chance in the finals?

Tomas Ryde: They will need to keep playing fast. Irina Poltoratskaya will have to be in top form against Hypo’s central defence. Finally, their line player, Natalia Shipilova, will be important for Zvezda to be successful in the finals.

TEXT: Peter Bruun