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Seong-ok Oh talks to us after her best match in Hypo. The World and Olympic Champion prepares to win the trophy.

CL: The only missing title for Oh

Seong-ok Oh played a decisive part in the Hypo’s qualification to the finals. She showed a fantastic performance against Lada Togliatti in the second leg of the semi-finals and the Austrian champions won by 36:29. You have been playing for nearly two years for Hypo. Do you think this was your best game so far?

Oh was in top form against LadaOh: It was not just about me, but about the whole team that won that game. But you are right. I usually scored three or four goals a game, while this time I reached eight. This was definitely my best performance in the Hypo-shirt. Are you the favourites for winning the title now?

Oh: If we play as we did in the semi-final, this will certainly be enough to win the title. And our style won’t change much as we have already beaten Zvezda Zvenigorod twice in the Main Round. You are Olympic and World champion. What would this title mean for you?

Oh: Before I came to Europe I really didn’t know that the Champions League existed. It is true that I won nearly everything in my career and this is the last big title that I still miss. It would be great to win it.

I still have a year left from my contract with Hypo and I don’t look further than that at the moment. I just want to carry on with handball, but I have a lot of offers to start coaching in Korea and Japan. Nevertheless, I don’t rule out staying in Austria at least for some more time... How do you usually celebrate the big triumphs in Korea?

Oh: The same way as in Europe! We kiss the trophy, drink something out of it. And then we celebrate and dance the whole night through.