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Former Leon player, Roland Schilinger returned to Spain with Bregenz. talks ask him about the Austrian club.

Roland Schlinger: Match of the Year coming up

Austrian backcourt player, Roland Schlinger, returned in Spain against Portland. The Austrian handballer left Spain last June to accept an Austria after after a difficult season in Ademar Leon. He tried to show his qualities in the Asobal League, but it was not the most successful experience for him. Now he returns to the Champions League with A1 Bregenz, currently on the third position of Group D. talks to Schlinger after the game against Portland. A1 Bregenz lost the last match in Pamplona, but the third place of the group is still possible...

Schlinger is focused on the goal and on the clubRoland: Yes, of course. We need a positive result from the match between GOG and Presov. A GOG victory would be could for. Like this we would have a good chance to come in third. Then we “only” must win against Presov at home, which will be the great match for us. The fans, the players... Everybody is thinking about this game. The Austrian league is important too, but the competition will resume in 2008. It will be the most important match of year 2007. Everybody thinks that there is a big difference between GOG and Portland and the other two, Presov and Bregenz. Do you agree?

Roland: No, I do not think so. Perhaps theorycally we can agree, but we were able to beat GOG. Okay, that was a miracle for us, a little miracle. However, we played a very good match, a brilliant game and we won. This victory gave us the posibility to go on in the European competitions You made a great match against Portland. Were you especially motivated to play in Spain again?

Roland: Yes, I was motivated because we played against a great team such as Portland. It was a good arena with special supporters. I like to play matches like this. You played last season in Leon but we could not see you on court too much. What’s happened with you in Leon?

It was a tough match in PamplonaRoland: It was a difficult situation for me. I played some minutes in the pre-season matches for Ademar and scored five goals in the Asobal match against Ciudad Real. However, I did not play again. I talked to Manuel Cadenas in December and he told me that I was trainning right but another players were in better form then. It was a very difficult moment for me, but I prefer not to speak about it any more. Playing for Ademar was a very good experience for me. I could train with great players as Garralda or Sigurdsson. I got to know a new country and a new language. Is it possible that we can meet you in Spain again?

Roland: I signed for two seasons with Bregenz. I’m fine in my club and I can finish my studies. I’m focusing on my club now. I’m 27 years old and it is possible that in the future I can have a chance to go to another country, such as Spain or Germany.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi