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My personal trophy collection does not matter

13.03.2015 - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: HSV captain Pascal Hens discusses the significance of the EHF Cup and his maiden voyage in the competition.

Hens clear to play in EHF Cup Group Phase opener

27.01.2015 - The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision following disciplinary proceedings against Pascal Hens of HSV Hamburg

A moment with ... Hans and Hens

20.11.2013 - INTERVIEW: ehfTV commentator Tom O'Brannagain take us to the HSV dressing room for a chat with two stalwarts of the defending champions - Pascal Hens and Hans Lindberg.

Big shoes for Carlén

10.09.2011 - VELUX EHF Champions League countdown, part 7: HSV Hamburg (GER)

"Fulfil our dreams of Cologne"

20.04.2011 - HSV star Pascal Hens hopes to wrestle down the Russian bear and take the step to Cologne.

“Take the next step”

22.04.2009 - HSV’s world champion, Pascal Hens, gives an exclusive interview for before the semi-finals against Ciudad Real.

Hamburg win for their President

20.11.2008 - HSV’s boss and main sponsor Rudolph talked about leaving the club, but the team proved their worth by beating Flensburg at the Bundesliga derby.

"Champions League is special"

08.10.2008 - HSV Hamburg sports director, Christian Fitzek, talks about the new season, the chances and about the initial difficulties of his team.

  Tears in Hamburg

14.04.2008 - HSV reactions after the Ciudad Real match: pride, sadness and gratitude for the fans.

  Pascal Hens: No unbeatable teams

02.04.2008 - Read an exclusive interview with Hamburg’s world champion, Pascal Hens, who talks to before the CL semi-finals against Ciudad Real.

  Hamburg take group lead

10.03.2008 - The North German derby ended 32:30 for HSV that will play for the semi-final in Pamplona.

  Hoping for the semi-finals

20.02.2008 - talks to Christian Fitzek, sporting director of HSV Hamburg before the match against Portland.

  Yoon’s strong nerves

11.02.2008 - HSV's Korean star equalised with an overtime 7-m shot in Flensburg as HSV came back from six goals.

Hamburg and Kiel reach German cup final four

19.12.2007 - CL teams, HSV and Gummersbach, played a very equal game in the German Cup quarterfinals.

  Kiel's miracle win without substitutes

20.10.2007 - HSV miss overtime 7-m shot and Kiel qualify for the final against Celje with a 31-30 victory.

(Almost) accoding to plans: German teams in the CL

18.10.2007 - Three German sides have done perfect job so far, while Flensburg are struggling in their group. Read our analysis.

  “We have to reinforce handball in Hamburg”

18.10.2007 - Read Björn Pazen's exclusive interview with HSV President, Andreas Rudolph.

German teams: Top stars injured

27.09.2007 - Hard times for the four the Germans: just before the start, key players are injured. Filip Jicha (Kiel), Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson (Gummersbach), Blazenko Lackovic (Flensburg) or Guillaume Gille will miss the first games of the competition.

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