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Pisek dominant in Czech derby

21.11.2021 - ROUND REVIEW: nine double-headers and seven second-leg matches determined all the round 16 participants

Gran Canaria go on survival tour in Sweden

18.11.2021 - ROUND PREVIEW: The Spanish side need to make up for their home loss to Skara to enter the round of 16

Title-holders Malaga through to Last 16

14.11.2021 - ROUND REVIEW: Despite a defeat on Sunday, defending champions Malaga won their double-header against Quintus

Big-name clubs go double Dutch in round 3

11.11.2021 - ROUND 3 PREVIEW: Titleholders Malaga and former Champions League finalists Vardar face opponents from Netherlands this weekend

Rocasa and Vardar among teams through to round 3

24.10.2021 - ROUND REVIEW: Renowned sides from Spain and North Macedonia defeated their rivals to progress to round 3 of the EHF European Cup Women

Rocasa and Vardar hope to seal progression

21.10.2021 - ROUND PREVIEW: The two-time Challenge Cup winners from Spain and former heavyweights from North Macedonia are aiming to advance

Easy progression for Bera Bera, Gomel and Byasen

15.09.2019 - ROUND REVIEW: Nine more teams progressing to the Women’s EHF Cup qualification round 2 were named following this weekend’s matches

Virto/Quintus qualify for semi-finals, chances open in remaining ties

05.03.2017 - ROUND REVIEW: Virto/Quintus are the first team through to the semi-finals of the Women’s Challenge Cup after they left no doubt in the double header at home against Zug.

First semi-finalist to be named this weekend

02.03.2017 - ROUND PREVIEW: One double header on the agenda as the quarter-finals of the Women’s Challenge Cup throw off this weekend

Quarter-final of the Women's Challenge Cup set

12.02.2017 - ROUND REVIEW: Two double-headers and five second legs this weekend complete the Last 16 in the Women's Challenge Cup.

The battle to follow Virto/Quintus into the final eight

10.02.2017 - ROUND PREVIEW: The final battles for the remaining seven quarter-final berths in the Women’s Challenge Cup take place this weekend.

Defending Challenge Cup winners ready for Last 16

20.11.2016 - ROUND REVIEW: Rocasa Gran Canaria, who won the Women’s Challenge Cup last season, still have a chance to repeat the triumph, after big double-header win this weekend.

Umag, Guardes and Ankara book spot in up Winners’ Cup Round 3

19.10.2015 - ROUND REVIEW: Three teams are ready for the third round in the Women’s Cup Winners’ Cup after they won their respective double headers over the weekend

Timetable for WCL Qualification Tournament 1 in Sävehof

16.08.2010 - Find the playing times for Gothenburg's Partillebohallen on 3-5 September.

Sävehof hosts WCL Qualification Tournament 1

02.08.2010 - The Women's EHF Champions League Qualification Tournament 1 will be organised by IK Sävehof (SWE).

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