Petar Djordjic leads Benfica to third straight winArticle
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MATCH REVIEW: Despite being led by three at the break, Benfica turned things around in the second half to come back victorious from Finland.
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Since the beginning of the European season, Benfica are inhabited by an unshakable self-belief. Rhein-Neckar Löwen, Lemgo, Chekhov, none of them managed to shake it off earlier in the competition. And tonight, Cocks did no better.

The Finnish side tried its best, though, as it led by three at the break. But thanks to their experience, Benfica did not panic, kept their heads down and pushed forward after the break, scoring twenty-two goals after the break. Petar Djordjic was their offensive leader, scoring twelve overall.


Cocks (FIN) vs SL Benfica (POR) 32:37 (18:15)

  • Thanks to the Balkan duo composer of Davod Basaric and Srdjan Mijatovic, who scored a combined ten in the first thirty minutes, Cocks took control of the game early. The hosts made their advantage grew up to three goals, the gap at the break.
  • Benfica’s coach Chema Rodriguez must have had a word or two with his players about defence in the locker room during half-time, as the Portuguese side showed another face in the second half.
  • In under seven minutes, Benfica had made the score even at 21, with Alexis Borges playing a key part at both ends of the court. The visitors’ advantage grew up to seven goals a few seconds before the final siren.
  • Best scorer of the game was Benfica’s Petar Djordjic with twelve goals, while Davor Basaric netted nine times for Cocks.
  • Benfica keep the leader position in the group with the maximum of six points, while Cocks remain last, without a point.

When Petar scores, everything flows

Hard to compete with a team whose best scorer nets twelve times out of twelve shots, don’t you think? Benfica’s Petar Djordjic netted that much tonight, not missing a single shot. His four goals in the first half were important to keep Benfica in the game, his five after the break were key for the Portuguese side to turn things around. If you also add to those goals the assists the Serbian national player delivered, you have the player of the game right in front of you.

TEXT: Kevin Domas