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GROUP B REVIEW: After scoring 39 in round 1 in Chekhov, GOG scored 46 against Cocks to earn a second victory
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Defensive aficionados might get shivers down their spine watching GOG play, but if you like fast and offensive handball, then the Danish side are surely your cup of tea.

On Tuesday evening, the young Danish side took the reins in their group B match of the EHF European League Men against Cocks and cruised to victory, scoring goal after goal without the Finnish side being able to do anything about it.

GOG (DEN) vs Cocks (FIN) 46:30 (22:12)

  • right back Emil Wernsdorf Madsen scored 14 goals, his highest total in a European Cup match, to finish as the top scorer of the game
  • there was only side on the court during the first half. The Danish side were four goals ahead (10:6) after 16 minutes played, and the gap had increased to 10 goals (18:8) eight minutes later
  • GOG scored 22 goals in the first half, exactly the same amount that they scored in the first half last week in Chekhov
  • the Danish side netted a further 24 times after the break to record their best offensive performance in a European Cup match
  • thanks to this win, GOG are temporarily top of group B with four points, while Cocks remain on zero points in sixth place

GOG applied the same recipe as in round 1

Last week, in Chekhov, GOG netted 22 times in the first half on their way to beating Chekhovskie medvedi by seven goals. GOG's dominance ended their Russian hosts’ resistance before the break. Applying exactly the same pattern on Tuesday evening against Cocks, GOG led by 10 goals at the break.

The only difference between last week's triumph and this week's victory was that it was a much more collective affair. Last Tuesday, Simon Pytlick netted six times in the first half. Against Cocks, five players scored at least three goals each before half-time. But apart from this detail, there were a lot of similarities between the two games.

TEXT: Kevin Domas