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GROUP C REVIEW: SC Magdeburg enjoyed an impressive start to 2021 in the EHF European League Men, courtesy of a wide-margin win against Besiktas
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Playing their first match after the winter break, SC Magdeburg started 2021 in the EHF European League Men with a win over Besiktas Aygaz. The Turkish side, on the other hand, are still without points in the competition.

Magdeburg began the match with a 3:0 run, but through a strong defensive performance for 20 minutes, Besiktas refused to give up and generally only trailed by one or two goals. However, Magdeburg broke through with a decisive 5:0 run towards the end of the first half. 


SC Magdeburg (GER) vs Besiktas Aygaz (TUR) 41:22 (21:11)

  • Magdeburg have now won all four matches played against Besiktas 
  • there was not one tie in the match
  • Besiktas last trailed by one when Ramazan Done scored for 8:7 in the 16th minute
  • a 10-goal half-time lead sealed the deal for Magdeburg’s fifth win
  • Icelandic duo Magnusson and Kristjansson once again played at a high level for the German side

Strong right side performances

On their home court, Magdeburg overran Besiktas. The duo who led Magdeburg to the win were right back Omar Igni Magnusson and Tim Hornke on the right wing. With the Icelandic player scoring 10, seven of them in the first half, Magdeburg's right-sided pair scored a total of 17 goals.

On the other side, Besiktas also had their hero in right back Ramazan Döne. The 39-year old scored nine times, marking a great night for right-sided players.

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