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FACTS & FIGURES: Just before the start of the quarter-final, here are the numbers and stats that matter in the DELO EHF Champions League

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The DELO EHF Champions League 2020/21 is ready for the quarter-final. Over the coming two weekends, eight teams will battle it out for the four coveted tickets to the DELO EHF FINAL4 2021 in Budapest on 29/30 May.

Here are facts and figures after the completion of the play-offs in March:

0 draws were recorded in the play-offs.

1 French team will make it to the DELO EHF FINAL4 2021: either Brest or Metz.

1 debutant is among the eight quarter-finalists: CSKA from Moscow.

1 goal was the smallest aggregate margin in the play-offs: CSKA vs Krim 47:46.

2 quarter-final pairings were also matches in group phase: Vipers met Rostov in group A and Buducnost played against Györ in group B.

2 matches in the play-offs had a winning margin of 10 or more goals, raising the total for the season to 11.

2 nations have two teams each in the quarter-final line-up: Russia (CSKA and Rostov) and France (Metz and Brest).

4 play-off matches had 60 or more goals, raising the total for the season to 24.

5 goals was the largest first-leg deficit turned around in the second leg: CSKA lost the first leg at Krim 25:20 but won the second leg 27:21.

6 nations are represented by the eight quarter-finalists: France, Russia, Romania, Montenegro, Hungary and Norway. Compared to last season, Norway replaced Denmark.

6 quarter-finalists also reached this stage of the competition last season: Metz, Brest, Györ, Buducnost, Rostov and CSM; CSKA and Vipers replace Esbjerg and Valcea.

6 of the eight quarter-finalists have played at an EHF FINAL4 (since 2014) in the past, including all three winners - Györ, Buducnost and CSM - as well as Rostov, Vipers and Metz. Brest and CSKA could become first-time participants.

7 of the 14 play-off matches ended in a home win, and seven in an away win. This season, 57 matches in total have been won by the home team, 47 by the visitors.

12 matches are still coming up this season: eight quarter-final matches between 3 and 11 April, and four matches at the DELO EHF FINAL4 2021.

15 years in a row, Györ have qualified for the quarter-final (each season since 2006/07).

17 quarter-final spots for Buducnost is the most among the quarter-finalists, followed by 15 for Györ, seven for CSM, five for Rostov and Metz, three for Brest, two for Vipers, and one for CSKA.

18 goals was the biggest winning margin in a play-off match, when Rostov beat Podravka 42:24; closely followed by 17, when Györ beat Bietigheim 37:20. 18 was also the biggest margin in a group phase match, when Györ beat Podravka 33:15.

24 goals against Valcea (13 in the first leg, 11 in the second leg) have made CSM’s Cristina Neagu the top scorer in the play-offs, followed by Brest’s Ana Gros with 17 (against Team Esbjerg) and Buducnost’s Jovanka Radicevic with 16 (against FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria).

27 goals was the biggest aggregate winning margin in the play-offs, when Rostov beat Podravka by 71:44; it was also the second-biggest winning margin in any knockout tie in the EHF Champions League since 2000, following Györ’s 30-goal gap in their 71:41 aggregate win over FTC in the 2015/16 quarter-final.

41 goals in the play-off match between Buducnost and FTC (22:19) marked the lowest amount of goals for any match in the DELO EHF Champions League this season.

42 was the highest number of goals for a team in a play-off match, when Rostov beat Podravka 42:24. For the season, Györ’s 43 goals in a single group phase match remains the highest number (43:28 vs Podravka).

53 unbeaten Champions League matches in a row (45 victories and eight draws) is the impressive series of Györ, whose last defeat came on 26 January 2018 against Buducnost in Pogorica, where they lost 28:22 in a main round match.

71 was the highest amount of goals in a play-off match, when Odense beat Vipers 36:35 in the first leg: this also matched the best mark for the entire season, set by Györ and Podravka when their group B match ended 43:28.

71 was also the highest amount of goals for a single team in the play-offs: for Rostov against Podravka.

104 goals so far this season give Brest’s Ana Gros the lead in the top scorer standings, ahead of CSM’s Cristina Neagu with 100. Third-best scorer still in the competition is Buducnost’s Jovanka Radicevic with 82.

526 goals have been scored so far this season by Györ, an average of 32.88 per match.

782 goals were scored in 14 play-off games, an average of 55.85 goals per game, slightly above the 54.94-goal average from the group phase.

6,386 goals were scored in 116 matches played so far this season, an average of 55.05 goals per match.

TEXT: Björn Pazen