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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Taking the respective national situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak and corresponding spectator restrictions into account, matches in the VELUX EHF Champions League, the MEN’S EHF Cup and the Challenge Cup are foreseen to be played

European Cup matches foreseen to be played as indicated

In the light of the coronavirus outbreak across Europe, the European Handball Federation, over the past days, has gathered all relevant information available from participating clubs and authorities regarding the upcoming matches in the European Cup competitions.

With the information available at hand (Status 11 March, 15:00 hrs), the EHF states that all upcoming matches of the VELUX EHF Champions League Last 16, in round 5 and 6 of the MEN'S EHF Cup Group Phase and the quarter-finals of the Men’s Challenge Cup are foreseen to be played on the day and on the hour as they are currently indicated.

This information is only valid with the information available and for the matches in March. Any issue regarding matches scheduled for April will be handled in due time.

“There are many different situations regarding restrictions for spectators, but no club informed us that the game cannot take place,” EHF Chief Sports Officer Markus Glaser says.

“The restrictions regarding the number of spectators in each match are subject to the decision of the authorities in the area of the hosting club, and the EHF has no influence on this issue.”

The EHF strongly advises all clubs not to organise any travels of fans and supporters to the away matches.

The matches will be broadcast on the respective rights holders’ channels as well as well on regardless of the number of spectators in the arena.

The EHF continues to monitor the situation linked to the coronavirus and is prepared to react immediately in accordance with the instructions of the relevant authorities should the risk assessment change.

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