No problems for JuRo Unirek in the endArticle
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ROUND REVIEW – JuRo Unirek VZV were defending a five-goal lead when going to Italy in the Women´s Challenge Cup, and this turned out to be more than enough.

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No problems for JuRo Unirek in the end

Boarding is completed for the quarter-finals of the Women´s Challenge Cup.

With four teams qualifying last weekend by winning double-headers, and Aula Alimentos de Valladolid directly through to the quarter-finals due to Turkish side Ardeen withdrawing, there were only three ties to be decided this weekend, and in only one of those was there any real doubt about the outcome.

Unirek with another win

JuRo Unirek VZV were visiting SSV Brixen Südtirol defending a five-goal lead after winning the first leg 29:24 at home.

This lead turned out to be more than enough for the Dutch side.

Despite the support from 1000 spectators in the Sporthalle Sportzone Süd in Brixen, the Italian home team were never even near to turning the tables.

Unirek were leading 9:7 at halftime, and throughout the last 30 minutes, they increased their lead to a six-goal margin and their first European quarter-final ticket in history, while the maiden voyage in Europe came to an end for Brixen.

Granollers and Nis finish their jobs

In the two remaining ties, it turned out the winners were already decided after the first leg.

KH-7 BM. Granollers could take things easy at home against DHC Sokol Poruba after winning by as much as 32:19 in Czech Republic last weekend.

With a 40:23 win at home, the Spanish side booked their quarter-final ticket.

The second leg between ZRK Naisa Nis and HIB Handball Graz was also a formality, after Nis won by no less than 30:14 in Austria last weekend.

At home, the Serbian team took their foot off the gas and were content with a 30:24 to confirm their booking of a quarter-final ticket.

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