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FACTS AND FIGURES: With the DELO WOMEN’S EHF Champions League group matches now done and dusted, let’s have a look at some interesting stats and numbers as the competition heads into its two-month break
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Fans and goals, points and biggest wins: Györ top most rankings

The best attack, the weakest defence, the highest number of goals, most fans per match: has analysed what happened in the 48 group matches of the DELO WOMEN’S EHF Champions League 2019/20.

So, before heading into the main round, here are the most interesting facts and figures - with record champions Györi Audi ETO KC on top of most rankings.

0 teams made it from qualification to main round, though Banik Most came close, finishing point behind IK Sävehof.

0 CL debutants made it to the main round.

0 main round debutants are among the 12 teams still in the competition.

1 team did not gain a single point in the group matches: MKS Perla Lublin.

1 former CL winner was eliminated after the group matches (and continues in the EHF Cup): HC Podravka Vegeta.

1 team starts its main round campaign with zero points: SCM Ramnicu Valcea.

2 teams won all six group matches: Brest Bretagne Handball and Györi Audi ETO KC. A third team also remained undefeated, but had two draws: Metz Handball.

2 points from six matches were enough for Valcea to book their main round ticket, thanks to a better goal difference than SG BBM Bietigheim.

2 teams won all three away matches: Brest and Györ.

3 nations have two teams each in the main round: France (Metz and Brest), Hungary (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria and Györ), and Romania (CSM Bucuresti and Valcea). Contrary to last season no teams from the same country will meet in the main round.

3 teams won all three home matches: Rostov-Don, Brest and Györ.

4 of the 48 group matches ended in a draw; after six draws in 2018/19 and zero draws in 2017/18.

4 - which means all - participants of the DELO WOMEN’S EHF FINAL4 2019 are still part of the competition: Györ, Rostov, Vipers Kristiansand and Metz.

4 former or current CL winners are part of the main round: Györ (2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019), CSM (2016), Buducnost (2012, 2015) and RK Krim Mercator (2001, 2003).

5 group matches ended with 45 or fewer goals.

9 teams from last season’s main round are part of the same stage this season: Györ, Rostov, Vipers, Metz, Buducnost, FTC, CSM, Krim and Brest. Team Esbjerg, Valcea and Sävehof are replacing Kobenhavn Handball, Odense HC and Thüringer HC.

9 group matches were attended by 4,000 or more fans.

9 different nations are represented by the 12 main round participants, the same number as in the previous two seasons. The only change compared to the 2018/19 season: Sweden replaces Germany.

10 group matches ended with a goal difference of 10 or more goals; that number was seven in both of the previous two seasons.

18 group matches ended with an overall of 60 goals and more, compared to twelve in the 2018/19 season and only five in the 2017/18 season.

18 group matches were attended by 2,500 or more spectators.

21 of the 48 group matches ended in an away victory; four more than last season. Group D saw seven away and just four home wins.

23 of the 48 group matches ended in a home victory; two fewer than last season and seven fewer than in 2017/18.

25 goals was the biggest winning margin in a group match, when Györ defeated Most 46:21. It was the second biggest win in Women’s CL history, after the 26-goal win (42:16) from Ferencvaros (HUN) against Artas (GRE) in 1997.

41 was the lowest number of goals in a single group match: Valcea vs Buducnost 20:21.

48 main round matches will decide the eight participants of the quarter-finals.

49 goals were scored by Jovanka Radicevic (MNE/Buducnost) in the group matches to lead the CL scorers’ list, ahead of Ana Gros (SLO/Brest) and Katrin Klujber (HUN/FTC) with 40 each.

+69 is the overall goal difference of Györ, one goal down from last season. Györ won their group matches by an average difference of 11.5 goals.

83 goals in both legs was the lowest number of goals in all pairings: Buducnost vs Valcea 23:19 and 21:20.

131 goals were conceded by CSM Bucuresti, the lowest number of all 16 teams in the group matches.

133 goals in both legs was the highest number of goals in all pairings: Bietigheim vs Brest 32:35 and 30:36.

216 goals were scored by Györ, the highest number of all 16 teams in the group matches.

2,671 goals (55.6 on average per match) were scored in the group matches, 24 more than in 2018/19 and 190 (!) more than in 2017/18. There were 700 goals in group A, 688 in C and 673 in D, but just 610 in group B.

2,877 goals have been scored so far this CL season, including 206 from the qualification tournament.

5,250 spectators was the record attendance, at Györ vs Krim.

15,556 fans saw the three home matches of Györ, an average of 5,185 per match. CSM Bucuresti had 13,872 fans in total (4,624), Metz 12,152 (4,051).

Top 5 of the DELO WOMEN’S EHF Champions League group matches:

Most goals scored:
216: Györ
201: Brest
194: Metz
178: Vipers
171: Bietigheim

Fewest goals conceded:
131: CSM
143: Metz
147: Györ
149: Esbjerg
157: Buducnost

Best goal difference after group matches:
+69: Györ
+36: Metz
+32: Brest
+24: Rostov
+22: CSM

Most goals in a single match:
76: Vipers vs Metz 38:38
68: FTC vs Podravka 37:31
67: Buducnost vs Brest 32:35
67: Bietigheim vs Brest 32:35
67: Most vs Györ 21:46

Fewest goals in a single match:
41: Valcea vs Buducnost 20:21
42: Buducnost vs Valcea 23:19
43: Metz vs Vipers 26:17
43: Sävehof vs Most 24:19
45: Rostov vs CSM 23:22

Biggest winning margin:
+25 goals: Most vs Györ 21:46
+16 goals: CSM vs Lublin 35:19
+14 goals: Metz vs Podravka 40:26
+13 goals: Esbjerg vs Lublin 35:22
+13 goals: Brest vs Valcea 37:24

Strongest home team:
6-0 points: Rostov, Brest, Györ
5-1 points: Vipers
4-2 points: Esbjerg, Buducnost

Strongest away team:
6-0 points: Brest, Györ
5-1 points: Metz
4-2 points: CSM, Buducnost, Esbjerg, Krim

Most spectators:
5,250: Györ vs Krim
5,179: Györ vs Most
5,127: Györ vs Sävehof
4,800: CSM vs Esbjerg
4,572: CSM vs Rostov

Top scorers:
49 goals: Jovanka Radicevic (MNE/Buducnost)
40 goals: Ana Gros (SLO/Brest)
40 goals: Katrin Klujber (HUN/FTC)
38 goals: Stine Oftedal (NOR/Györ)
37 goals: Dejana Milosavljevic (CRO/Podravka)

TEXT: Björn Pazen / ew