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GROUP D REVIEW: When Kadetten Schaffhusen finally took their first win in the VELUX EHF Champions League this season, they did in style, defeating Chekhovskie medvedi with nine goals.
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First win for Schaffhausen


Kadetten Schaffhausen (SUI) vs Chekhovskie medvedi (RUS) 32:23 (15:10)

  • With the win, Schaffhausen advanced to third position with three points, while Chekovskie medvedi are fifth with two points
  • Schaffhausen were leading by 12 goals several times in the second half
  • Zarko Sesum and Maximilian Gerbl scored five goals each for Schaffhausen, Danis Vasilev and Alexander Kotov four each for Cehkhov

Kadetten left no doubt, as they took their first win of the season. The Swiss champions dominated the match in the BBC Arena all the way.

It took Chekhovski medvedi more than seven minutes to score their first goal, and head coach Vladimir Maximov even had to call a timeout before it happened. Finally getting on the scoreboard did not help Chekhov much, though, as they kept trailing.

A red card for right back Dmitrii Kiselev for hitting Schaffhausen keeper Kristian Pilipovic in the face with a penalty shot obviously did not make things better for the visitors, but Schaffhausen were the dominating team, no matter what.

Already after 20 minutes, the hosts were leading by six goals, and after scoring the first three goals of the second half, they went on to take a couple of 12-goal leads, before Chekhov managed to reduce the gap to a nine-goal defeat.

TEXT: Peter Bruun / tj