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NEWS: Live stream for all matches will be available on ehfTV when the Men’s 17 European Open throw off in Gothenburg on 1 July

Men’s 17 European Open for the first time on ehfTV

The European Open in Gothenburg are a platform for some of Europe’s youngest generations of internationals to showcase their skills – and this year their audience will be even bigger.

For the first time, all matches of Men’s 17 European Open will be streamed live on the European Handball Federation’s OTT platform, ehfTV.

The 24-nation event starts on 1 July and the final will be played four days later, on Friday 5 July, in Gothenburg’s Scandinavium – if the previous events are anything to by, then usually ahead of a few thousand fans.

The participating nations have been drawn to four groups of six. The first two teams of each group qualify for the main round.

The first-ranked teams from each of the two main round groups eventually play the final.

Group overview

Download playing schedule and rules summary

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Sweden Iceland Spain Hungary
Czech Republic Austria Norway Belarus
Russia Netherlands Georgia Poland
Switzerland Montenegro Faroe Islands Slovakia
Luxembourg Romania Israel Finland
Great Britain Italy Estonia Belgium


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