Pisonero: “My goal is to keep Vardar on the same level”Article
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INTERVIEW: Vardar have signed a Spanish head coach for the third straight time as David Pisonero will try to repeat what Raul Gonzalez and Roberto Parrondo achieved before him: winning the VELUX EHF Champions League

Pisonero: “My goal is to keep Vardar on the same level”

While the future of the new VELUX EHF Champions League winners has been uncertain, the success achieved in Cologne has brought positive news for HC Vardar.

The club’s first new singing for the 2019/20 season is for the head coach position - and once again a Spaniard will be in charge of the team as a replacement for Roberto García Parrondo, who will be in charge of the Egyptian national team.

David Pisonero is the new name taking over the ‘red-black’ team on a two-year contract. In his playing career Pisonero was a line player who won the IHF Super Globe with CB Cantabria in 1997. As a coach he was at the helm of Atlético Valladolid, the No. 7 in the ASOBAL league last season, since 2017.

ehfCL.com: After two seasons in Valladolid you signed for the VELUX EHF Champions League winners. What does this step mean to you?

David Pisonero: I’m truly satisfied from the work that I have done in Valladolid. Taking in consideration our budget I can say that we have done a good job with the evolution of the team on both collective and individual level. Joining the Champions League winners is a big move for me and my career and it is definitely a big step of joy, pride and of course responsibility.

ehfCL.com: Vardar had an interesting season with many obstacles but at the end won the trophy. What do you think about their performance last season?

David Pisonero: Without doubts, besides the quality of the game that Vardar demonstrated this season, their strongest side was the team spirit and passion with which they played from the beginning until the end. I’m happy to join this team and hope that I will experience the same emotions and further maintain these features.

ehfCL.com: Vardar’s roster is still open for new signings. What kind of players would you like to have in the team?

David Pisonero: I would like to have players who will accustom to the playing system that we are going to demonstrate and this means that we need players who will follow the team in both aspects of the game - defence and offence.

ehfCL.com: You are the third Spanish coach in a row for Vardar and the previous two, Gonzales and Parrondo, won the Champions League. Do you feel additional pressure because of this?

David Pisonero: There is one thing that I can point out when it comes to Spanish coaches and this is hard work and a very characteristic way to see handball. Succeeding Gonzales and Parrondo doesn’t bring an additional pressure but, on the contrary, I would like to take a full advantage of the work that my two colleagues have done with the team. Hopefully this will bring my new team the chance again to fight for the trophy.

ehfCL.com: You have been a player before. In which role do you feel better?

David Pisonero: Of course being a player is much easier because you can influence the game in a more direct way since you are on the court and many things depend on you.

ehfCL.com: Your first serious test will already come in August at the IHF Super Globe as this is only trophy missing from Vardar’s collection. What do you expect from this competition?

David Pisonero: I hope that the team will be ready to compete on a high level until then so we can win our first title. Of course this would be a fantastic way to start the new challenges.

ehfCL.com: What are your goals with Vardar this season?

David Pisonero: Having in mind that I’m joining the Champions League winners, this means that the main focus will be to keep the team on the same level and try to repeat this year’s success and of course try to improve some aspects of the game.

TEXT: Amina Idrizi / ew