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MATCH REVIEW: Spain had no trouble taking their second win against Sweden in the Men’s EHF EURO Cup 2020 on Wednesday night

Spain go top with clear win

Through a 33:25 win at home against Sweden on Wednesday night, Spain moved to the top of the Men’s EHF EURO Cup 2020 group.
Leading all the way throughout the game, Spain never allowed their opponents any hope of getting into the match which was played in the Spanish south-eastern coastal city of Almeria.


Spain vs Sweden 33:25 (19:12)

While the crowd in Almeria were singing the song ‘Eviva Espana’, Spain cruised to a clear win in their second meeting with Sweden in the Men’s EHF EURO Cup 2020 competition.

It took the Swedes five minutes to score their first goal of the match - symbolic for the Swedish problems in the game.

Their playmaker, Jim Gottfridsson, did his best to make the Swedish attack flow, but his team had huge trouble with Spanish goalkeeper Gonzalo Perez de Vargas whose working conditions were made easier by an effective defence which was just as good in a 5-1 formation as 6-0.

Spain’s coach Jordi Ribera rotated his team intensely, and he could be pleased with most of what he saw.

The hosts were leading by eight goals already in the first half, and they got 10 goals up before being content with an eight-goal win.

TEXT: Peter Bruun/amc