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INTERVIEW: Györ’s Nora Mørk is just happy to be back from yet another serious injury in time for the DELO WOMEN’S EHF FINAL4
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Mørk: Being able to play again means everything to me

Very few handball players – or athletes for that matter – have been so severely haunted by injury as Nora Mørk. Now, the 28-year-old Norwegian right back is finally back from yet another long injury break.

Her latest break after a further serious cruciate ligament injury was prolonged by a meniscus injury sustained during retraining, which demanded further surgery. 

However, she is back just in time for the DELO WOMEN'S EHF FINAL4 in Budapest next weekend.

“For such a long time, I have been hoping for and dreaming of getting back on court,” says the experienced Norwegian international from Györ Audi ETO KC. “Being able to play again just means everything to me.”

She admits that during the latest injury break, which was more than a year long, there were times she considered if the struggle to get back was worth it all.

“I had some really dark moments, even weeks, where I was struggling with motivation. However, I never wanted to give up, and that was because of my love for this sport,” she explains.

“Handball is everything to me, and I know now that this is what has kept me going on.”

Starting to look like the same player as before

Mørk has played a few matches already – first for Norway’s nursery national team and lately for Györ – but quite naturally, she has had to accept that her form is not yet at its peak.

“I feel I am starting to look like the same player I was before. However, I am going to spend my summer training a lot to get even better,” is the determined statement from Mørk.

Of course, she hopes for and believes she will get some court time at the upcoming DELO WOMEN’S EHF FINAL4, where she and her teammates from Györ are meeting Vipers Kristiansand from her homeland in the semi-final. In Budapest on May 11 and 12, the Hungarian powerhouse will be trying to take their third Champions League title in a row.

Last year, Mørk had to watch the WOMEN’S EHF FINAL4 from the sideline, as that was during her long injury break. This obviously makes her even more eager to be part of the action this time.

“I am really excited. Last year, it was hard for me to watch the games without being able to take part, so to be able to play this year is just amazing,” says Mørk. “Now, I am ready and able to help the team again, and that means everything to me.”

Good chances to go all the way again

Mørk is full of confidence in her team to take their third consecutive Champions League title and their fifth in total.

“I think we have a good chance of going all the way once again. We have the experience as a team, we have the necessary leaders in our team, and we also have our amazing fans who will give us lots of support for certain.

“Of course, we will need to play our best handball – first of all to win our semi-final against Vipers, but then, anything can happen.

“We are ready,” promises Mørk, who is playing her third season in Györ after joining from Larvik in Norway. This third season is also going to be her last with the Hungarian club.

At the end of February, Mørk announced that she will be joining Romanian club CSM Bucuresti from next season. Her successor will be her national teammate Amanda Kurtovic, who will be joining from CSM and will therefore essentially swap places with Mørk. At Györ next season, Kurtovic will have experienced Katarina Bulatovic to supplement her.

“There have been ups and downs,” says Mørk, looking back on her nearly three years with Györ. “My first years were really good, and then, after my injuries, it has been tough mentally, of course.

“However, I will never forget my time in ETO – the girls and the fans in particular. Therefore, I would also like to leave with a bang.

“It would be amazing to win the Champions League once again. That would just be such a great way of finishing here,” concludes Mørk. 

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