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FEATURE: Her presence on and off the court is still a guiding force for Györ, and coach Gábor Danyi is ware of Anita Görbicz’s importance for the defending champions at the DELO WOMEN’S EHF FINAL4 this weekend
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Györ great Görbicz: less playing time, same impact

Numerous domestic triumphs, four Women's EHF Champions League trophies and more than 1,500 goals in the jersey of Györi Audi ETO KC: having spent almost two decades in professional handball and won everything in club competitions, Anita Görbicz is one of the most experienced yet still active players.

Time passes by but the target is always the same: finishing at the top of every tournament and help the team anyhow to achieve that.

Görbicz has been playing less and less minutes from year to year, however her impact is still huge. Not always her goals, but her presence, her voice and her penalties help the team whenever needed.

Her game style has changed over the years

Görbicz has played in every match this season in the Hungarian league and cup so far. In offence, she is still a confident, calm penalty shooter while her game style has changed in the last years.

Instead of managing the attacks from the middle, the captain of Győr perfected the role of left wing. She might not score as much as before but the defence can never let her alone.

On the other side of the court, she uses her best skill, her knowledge of handball. The 35-year-old player sees the room for passes and is still explosive enough to force plenty of turnovers.

The playing system of this season’s new head coach, Gábor Danyi, helps and encourages this style of defence. Stealing the ball or forcing the opponent to have a bad shot, then reply with a fast break.

“Everybody knows who Anita Görbicz is. Her successes and knowledge are admirable. However, that she recognises her changed role is what makes her world class,” says Danyi. “She plays also perfectly as a wing. The ‘classic’ wing players do not know the same, as Görbicz became the world’s best handball player as a centre back. Her experience and intelligence highlight her on the court.”

No wonder Görbicz is likely to play an important role again when Györ are heading to Budapest to defend their Women’s EHF Champions League title once more. They open the DELO WOMEN’S EHF FINAL4 against Vipers Kristiansand on Saturday at 15:15 hrs (live on

Youngsters are keen to learn from her

Leadership means great responsibility. In the world of handball Anita Görbicz’s name and reputation are well known. This also means that youngsters are keen to learn from what she says or does.

“We talk over everything with Görbicz and our international players do the same, even if it is an off-court issue,” Danyi says. “They listen to her and pay attention to her words. She never speaks more than needed, however when she has something to say, everybody knows what to do: listen.”

Nicknamed ‘Görbe,’ she is a vocal leader without words. Having played together with hundreds of players, experienced plenty of coaching styles, and seen handball’s sweet and sour sides, she has all the wisdom that a coach can ask for from a member of his squad.

“We discuss many situations with her, though luckily I can do this with everyone. Although I am the person who makes decisions, I am open for other opinions as well because we all need to move in the right direction,” Danyi says. “Görbicz makes my job easier as she has become a bridge between us, the players, the management and the fans.”

TEXT: Béla Müller / ew