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INTERVIEW: The versatile Tatabánya player is looking forward to the return leg of the Men’s EHF Cup Quarter-final against Holstebro on Saturday
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Ádám Juhász: “I was born to be a playmaker”

Being able to play and deliver great performances in three totally different positions at the age of 22 is somewhat unique.

Tatabánya’s Ádám Juhász is not only one of the very skilled Hungarian players from the next generation but despite his young age, has plenty of experience in many different international tournaments.

Juhász and Grundfos Tatabánya KC will try to make up a five-goal deficit against TTH Holstebro in the decisive leg of the Men’s EHF Cup Quarter-final on Saturday at 16:00 hrs (live on ehfTV.com).

europeancup.eurohandball.com: A lot of successful sportsmen started their career from the city of Debrecen, which is biggest in Hungary after the capitol, Budapest. How come that your choice became handball?

Ádám Juhász: It was an easy pick. My brother played this sport as well, so I have seen many of his matches and practices. Besides that, in the elementary school the principal loved handball and was our coach. We had the chance to play this beautiful game at every PE classes. I was also pretty good in football but I had to choose when I was 10 and I never regretted it.

europeancup.eurohandball.com: The local media noticed you even at the very early stage of your career and since then you are still in the spotlight. What meant the biggest challenge in this period so far?

Ádám Juhász: I think, the shift between the highest level and the youth team. Most of the young players are not that lucky as I was as I got the first chance when I was only 16. There was pressure on my shoulders because I wanted to be accepted, wanted to show them that I am worthy and in the same time I had to accept that my time has not come, yet. I played 40-45 minutes in the youth teams then I had to learn to be satisfied with sometimes not more than 120 seconds with the bests. By that time, there were many changes in Tatabánya, so I had more possibilities to prove myself. At almost every second game I got more minutes. I tried to live up to the expectations and as my family also moved here, this city became my true home.

europeancup.eurohandball.com: And your sweetest memory?

Ádám Juhász: It is undoubtedly the match against Denmark that we won in the quarter-finals at the World Championship in France, in 2017. It was euphoric. The whole squad felt invulnerable after we beat the freshly crowned Olympic champions. I think, I might have scored four times and I had some mistakes but that was not important. The point was that our side showed its power.

europeancup.eurohandball.com: You can play in three different positions, which is your favourite?

Ádám Juhász: I was born to be a playmaker. I like to shoot as well but to make decisions on the court is why I play. Back then, Xabi Sabate tried me as a wing player in the national team, but it was a must due to injuries. Naturally, I do my best however it is not my dream spot.

europeancup.eurohandball.com: What do you think, in what should you improve yet?

Ádám Juhász: I would say in everything. I have heard many times that my physics could be better, however I think differently. I would like to improve and make better decisions. I also know that this is a long process. I might have some matches when my performance is weaker but being consistent is the most crucial to me right now.

europeancup.eurohandball.com: What is your biggest dream as a player?

Ádám Juhász: To win an international event with the national team. It would be also amazing to conquer the domestic title or the cup, although even to get close to the Hungarian powerhouses is a huge accomplishment. Sometimes, we can surprise Szeged and Veszprém and slowly our fans await a miracle from us but it would be huge.

europeancup.eurohandball.com: What is the biggest strength of the ‘Miners’?

Ádám Juhász: Our sharp defence. This is the core of everything. If the defence works, we have enough self-confidence in attack as well. If we concede around 20 goals, I am almost sure that we can score at least 21. Most of my teammates are great in stopping the opponent in scoring, so Vladan Matic designed our game plan well.

europeancup.eurohandball.com: After the defeat in the first leg against Holstebro you need to win at least by five. What could be the key of your triumph?

Ádám Juhász: I hope that we will not play as bad as we did in the first match. It was a roller-coaster. We need to be tougher in defence and we cannot make so many mistakes, so they cannot score easily from fast breaks. We need to be patient as the Danish club is pretty good. I am sure we will have a great atmosphere at the home game in Györ as our fans are the best.

europeancup.eurohandball.com: You signed with your current team for one more year, what are your plans on longer term?

Ádám Juhász: There will be always new opportunities and I can only hope that the management of Tatabánya is satisfied with me. It might be a little bit harder to play abroad, but I have to admit I am very happy to be at home. Although, playing time is the most important for me.

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