EHF EURO 2018: No further sanctions for PineauArticle
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A decision in the case of a direct red card for Allison Pineau in the final match of Women's EHF EURO 2018 has been released

Disciplinary Proceedings were opened following the direct disqualification of Allison Pineau at the Women's EHF EURO 2018 final match. A red card was given after the player threw the ball on the side of the goalkeeper's head during the execution of a 7-3 throw.

The Disciplinary Proceedings has released its decision and ruled that no further sanction shall be imposed on the player.

Indeed, after having thoroughly reviewed all documents available, the Disciplinary Commission found in substance as follows:

"[…] the light intensity of the blow is the unfortunate outcome having occurred due to two normal actions from both players. Indeed, although it is observed that the direction of the ball was close to the goalkeeper’s head, the throw was not directly targeted at the latter’s face. The ball hit the side of her head also due to the goalkeeper’s body motion. The Player’s intent cannot be established. Furthermore, the hit did not present any particular danger."