Krim outrun Podravka to take second in Group CArticle
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GROUP C REVIEW: Slovenia side Krim Mercator defeat Croatian champions Podravka to eye main round spot
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Krim outrun Podravka to take second in Group C

Having drawn their previous match, both Krim and Podravka were looking for victory today to secure their place in the main round. The hosts were in inspired form though as they used pace and precision to defeat the Croatian champions in their group C clash.

  • Slovenian team scored 10 goals from fast-breaks
  • Four Krim players reached at least five goals
  • Alena Ikhneva tried to step up for Pordravka, but was only able to score twice from 12 attempts (17% shot efficiency)
  • Polona Baric netted five, with 100% efficiency


RK Krim Mercator (SLO) vs. HC Podravka Vegeta (CRO) 27:20 (14:10)

The reverse fixture of the 27:27 draw from October 6 began with the dominance of home side Krim who started the game with more energy and developed a three-goal lead through easy goals from fast-breaks.

Led by Lamprini Tsakalou, who netted four goals from seven attempts in the first half, the Slovenian side increased their advantage to 12:6, but two two-minute suspensions for Olga Perederiy helped the Croatian champions to reduce the deficit to four (14:10) by half-time.

Quick counter attacks proved to be Krim’s lethal weapon in the second half as well and even though Jovana Risovic made spectacular saves for Podravka to inspire a comeback, the Croats were simply outpaced by the fast Sara Ristovska and Polona Baric, who scored 10 combined goals to help their team end the match comfortable and take a seven-goal win.

“With this win, we open the possibility of the main round, although it is not certain yet,” said Krim coach Uroš Bregar after the match. “Every win in the Champions League is hard to get and I am very happy that we managed to win with a good defence.

“There was a great atmosphere in the hall and now we can all be happy and celebrate the victory.”

TEXT: Béla Müller/amc