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Two players suspended following match between SGS Ramhat Hashron HC (ISR) and RK Konjuh Zivinice (BIH)

Court of Handball decisions in EHF Challenge Cup

The Court of Handball has released two decisions following two direct disqualifications imposed during the second leg match of the 2017/18 Men’s Challenge Cup Qualification Round 3: SGS Ramhat Hashron HC (ISR) vs. RK Konjuh Zivinice (BIH), which took place on 18 November 2017.

Suspension for Last 16 matches

Regarding the first direct disqualification, the Court of Handball observed that the player, Dusan Andrejevic, from the Israeli club, hit an opponent with his elbow while he was trying to gain a favourable position during an offensive phase.

Such a movement is not a normal gesture expected within the course of a regular struggle for the pivot position; it was violent, reckless and likely to endanger the physical integrity of the opponent.

Hence, the player is suspended from the participation in EHF club competitions for two matches and shall pay a fine of €300.

He is therefore not entitled to participate in the 2017/18 Men’s Challenge Cup Last 16 matches to be played on 10 and 17 February 2018 against IBV Vestmannaeyjar (ISL).

Three-match ban

Regarding the second direct disqualification, the Court of Handball noted that after having receiving a two-minute suspension for a foul committed on an opponent during a defensive phase, the player from RK Konjuh Zivinice, Mirza Modric, approached the referee in an aggressive manner and came into contact with him. A teammate had to intervene to calm him down and take him away from the situation.

The body of first instance found that respect and courtesy shall be displayed at all times towards EHF officials. Any attempt to intimidate or to physically assault an EHF referee constitutes therefore a severe unsportsmanlike conduct to be sanctioned with the utmost severity. The player’s attitude was unacceptable and shall not be tolerated.

A three-match suspension and a fine of €500 are imposed on the player. Appeals may be filed with the Court of Appeal within seven days.