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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Israeli club was fined 5,000 € for an attempt to forge a document.

Court of Handball fines HC Holon

The Court of Handball has released its decision in a case opened against HC Holon (ISR) after the club attempted to irregularly modify the list of players eligible to play the Women’s EHF Cup 2017/18 Qualification Round 1.

Indeed, the club tried to misuse an option offered under the EHFamily portal to make some minor modifications such as typographical errors to replace a player despite having been informed during the technical meeting that no modification was allowed any longer.

The panel finds this behaviour to violate the principle of fair-play and to constitute an attempt to forge a document. Hence, in accordance with Article G.1 of the EHF List of Penalties, a fine of 5,000 € is imposed on the club, half of it being deferred for a probationary period of two years.

An appeal may be filed with the Court of Appeal within seven days.

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