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GROUP C REVIEW: Skjern earned their seventh win of the season, 31:26 against Leon, while Velenje have to wait for a play-off berth, after their sixth win

Skjern through to play-off but Velenje must wait

A thorough 31:26 win against Ademar brings Skjern a play-off berth, after the Danish side earn their seventh win of the season.

Velenje beat Kadetten Schaffhausen comfortably, but must beat Skjern next week to ensure a place in the next stage of the VELUX EHF Champions League, with Leon due to play Elverum on Sunday.

  • Bjarte Myrhol topped Skjern’s scoring with 10 goals
  • Velenje earned their fifth home win of the season
  • Just two points separate Velenje and Leon in second and third


Abanca Ademar Leon (ESP) vs Skjern Handbold (DEN) 26:31 (12:13)

It was Leon’s game to win if the Spanish side were to proceed to the next phaseof the VELUX EHF Champions League.

However, the Spanish club had little to no chance facing one of the best and the most experienced teams of the season in the European premium competition.

Skjern’s slow start allowed the hosts to get out to an early 7:4 lead, but an experienced and thorough Danish side never panicked.

It was an unstoppable Bjarte Myrhol who brought Skjern the lead. The 35-year old always found the space to score easy goals for the visitors. Veteran Kasper Sarup Søndergaard scored eight times for Skjern, who enjoyed the lead throughout the second half, to complete an easy 31:26 win against Leon.

As Skjern earned their fourth win in a row, the Danish side earned their play-off berth, with a point against Velenje taking them to the first place in the group.

Leon left back Alejandro Costoya Rodriguez said: “We knew it was going to be a very difficult match, we were facing the toughest team in the group. We leave with a bittersweet feeling. We missed many shots alone against the goalkeeper.”

Skjern coach Ole Norgaard said the aim would be to beat Velenje next week, despite having already qualified for the play-off.

Rk Gorenje Velenje (SLO) vs Kadetten Schaffhausen (SUI) 27:21 (10:11)

It was a tough first half for Velenje, but the Slovenian side earned their fifth home win of the group.

With Kadetten virtually out of contention, it was clear the Slovenian side needed their fifth home win of the season to stay in with a chance for progression.

While the Swiss side managed to resist for almost 40 minutes, it was Velenje who took control late in the second half to conclude to result, thanks to an impressive run from their backs.

Niko Medved and Rok Ovnicek were unstoppable, and a one-goal lead turned into a three-goal cushion. This proved decisive and the Swiss team could not manage a comeback.

The 27:21 scoreline puts Velenje in second place, as they prepare to face Skjern in the last round – but Leon are not out of the picture and the second play-off spot is still open.

TEXT: Adrian Costeiu/jh