Polish coach Patryk Rombel signs 2-year deal with ZaporozhyeArticle
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NEWS REPORT: One of the most promising young coaches from Poland has landed his first job abroad, moving to Ukraine to be in charge HC Motor Zaporozyhe next season.

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Polish coach Patryk Rombel signs 2-year deal with Zaporozhye

He is only 33 years old but Patryk Rombel has already been called one of the most promising Polish coaches of his generation.

As a player, he spent all his career on the left wing of MMTS Kwidzyn, scoring 21 goals in two seasons of the EHF Challenge Cup between 2008 and 2010.

Two years ago, Rombel became coach in Kwidzyn, and after two successful seasons in the Polish PGNiG Superliga, he will return to the European courts next season. Rombel will replace Nikolay Stepanets at VELUX EHF Champions League competitor HC Motor Zaporozhye.

A difficult decision

When he received the offer from Ukraine a month ago, Rombel had to face a difficult decision – though he knew from the beginning he would take the job.

“I spent all my life in Kwidzyn, I have my family here. So I had a few things to think about. But when I can make a step forward, I never hesitate,” said Rombel, who signed a two-year contract.

His family will join him only at the end of December, but even until then, Rombel will not be the only Pole in Zaporozhye. He is taking with him Michał Ganys, the physical preparation coach.

The youngest coach

“We have been cooperating in Kwidzyn for two years now. Our cooperation is fruitful, what has been backed by the results. I hope we will build the results with Motor as well,” Rombel said.

Turning 34 in July, Rombel has been the youngest coach in the Polish league – and he might be the youngest in the Champions League as well. Right now, the only younger coach is Mikael Apelgren from Elverum Handball, though the Norwegian side has not secured their place in the next edition yet.

Simultaneously, he is the coach of Poland’s national B-team, and he was one of the candidates to replace Talant Dujshebaev at the helm of the senior team. That job has gone to the coach of Orlen Wisła Płock, Piotr Przybecki, though Rombel could be appointed as his assistant.

How does Rombel cope with the pressure and huge expectations at the beginning of his career on the bench?

“It’s very nice to hear such terms as one of the most promising Polish coaches, but I have never been thinking about myself in this way. No matter if I worked with kids or juniors, I always wanted to do my best. This is still valid now when I work with seniors,” Rombel said.

According to the coach, carrying two functions will not be a problem for him.

A huge amount of work

“It’s nothing new. The coaches of the best European clubs lead national teams as well,” Rombel said. “It will just need a huge amount of work but I am ready for this. I will keep my fingers crossed for Piotr Przybecki and the national team. Choosing the assistant will be his choice.”

First, Rombel has got the finals of the Polish league ahead of him. His MMTS Kwidzyn will fight for the third place against Azoty Puławy. Even though this is his priority, he has already started to think about his job with the Ukrainian club.

“I organised my time in such a way that I could think about Motor a little bit. My training methods will stay the same, they are connected to the playing style I prefer. But definitely I will need to learn the language, and I have already started doing so.”

TEXT: Magda Pluszewska / ew