Expert hangout featuring Ana Gros on FridayArticle
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NEWS REPORT: Tune in at 12:15 CET on 7 April to enjoy an in-depth chat on the Women's EHF Champions League with handball journalists around Europe and Metz's Slovenian right back

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Expert hangout featuring Ana Gros on Friday

In her eighth season, 70 goals to her name this season and an All-star team nomination, Metz's Ana Gros is the ideal candidate to speak about the Women's EHF Champions Quarter-finals.

The Slovenian right back is the special player guest among the panel of handball journalists for the expert hangout, on Friday 7 April at 12:15 CET.

Gros will be joined by contributors Kevin Domas, Nemanja Savic and Adrian Costeiu as well as EHF Media's Chris O'Reilly, who will be presenting the broadcast.

Fans are encouraged to join the discussion live and get involved by sending their questions and comments on Twitter @ehfcl. The hangout can also be viewed on-demand below.

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