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FACTS AND FIGURES: All the important numbers after the main round of the Women’s EHF Champions League are now known

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Györ ahead in nearly all departments

Eight teams from seven different countries proceeded to the quarter-finals of the Women’s EHF Champions League, including four former winners and six participants of the previous TIPPMIX EHF FINAL4 events.

Definitely one former champion will make it to Budapest, as Buducnost face Larvik in middle of April. No team is still unbeaten, ahead of the start the knock-out stage.

But the two-time champion Audi ETO Györ have imprinted the main round with an unbeaten run, the second most effective attack, most effective defence, best goal difference and highest number of fans at their games. Here are some of the most important Facts and Figures after the main round of the Women’s EHF Champions League was completed on Sunday night.

0 points were taken by Krim Ljubljana in their six main round matches; making them the weakest of the 12 teams.

0 teams won all of their matches so far - including the group phase.

0 teams have defended their title at the FINAL4 in Budapest in the three editions so far.

0 quarter-finals are made up by teams from the same country.

0 teams, which entered the competition in the qualification, have made it to the quarter-finals.

1 club is represented in both knock-out stages of VELUX EHF Champions League and EHF Women’s Champions League: Macedonian champions HC Vardar Skopje. And both Vardar teams finished as winners of their groups.

1 nation is represented by two quarter-finalists: Hungary (Györ and FTC).

3 of 36 main round matches (plus three from the group phase, which were taken to the next stage) ended with draws.

4 former Champions League winners, with six trophies between them, are still in the race for the 2016/17 title: Bucuresti (2016), Buducnost (2012, 2015), Györ (2013, 2014) and Larvik (2011).

5 main round matches ended with 60 or more goals, including the respective group matches.

6 quarter-finalists of the previous season are back in that stage this season: Bucuresti, Györ (both finalists), Vardar, Buducnost (both FINAL4 participants), Larvik and FTC. Metz and Midtjylland replace last year’s quarter-finalists Rostov-Don and Baia Mare.

6 teams, which had already qualified for the three previous FINAL4 events, have qualified for the quarter-finals: Midtjylland (2014), Vardar (2014, 2015, 2016), Györ (2014, 2016), Buducnost (2014, 2015, 2016), Larvik (2015) an Bucuresti (2016).

7 nations are represented by the eight quarter-finalists: Hungary (2), Romania, Norway, Macedonia, France, Denmark and Montenegro. While Russian teams - compared to 2016 – have missed out on the knock-out stage; Denmark and France are in.

9 main round matches ended with a difference of 10 or more goals (including the respective group matches it would be 14).

11 from 12 points in their six main round matches was the best outcome of all of the 12 teams, this was managed by Györ.

15 times in the 36 main round matches was the away team victorious (eight in Group 1, seven in Group 2). Including the respective group matches, 22 times the away team won.

16 main round matches were attended by 3,000 or more spectators (including the respective group matches it would have been 27).

17 from 20 possible points were taken by Györ in the six main round matches plus the four respective group matches.

18 times in the 36 main round matches, was the home team the winner, each nine times in Group 1 and Group 2. Including the respective group matches it would be 34 away wins.

19 goals was the biggest final margin in the main round matches, when Metz beat Astrakhan 37:18.

43 goals in the match Esbjerg vs Midtjylland (22:21) was the overall lowest score of the main round  matches.

70 goals scored in the match Metz vs Vardar (42:28) was the highest score of the main round.

+71 goals of Györ was the best overall goal difference of all ten respective matches taking four group matches and six main round matches into consideration.

78 goals put Karina Sabitrova (Astrakhanocka) at the top of the top scorer list.

234 goals conceded by Györ in all respective ten matches means they had the most effective defence.

311 goals scored by Vardar in all respective ten matches was the most effective attack.

5,173 spectators in average attended Györ’s three main round home matches.

5,273 spectators were at the match Györ vs Larvik making it the highest main round attendance.

Top 3 lists:
Most effective attack:
311 goals: Vardar
305 goals: Györ
290 goals: FTC

Most effective defence:
234 goals conceded: Györ
238 goals conceded: Metz
241 goals conceeded: Midtjylland

Best goal difference:
+71: Györ
+38: Buducnost
+35: Metz
+22: Györ
+18: Larvik

Biggest number of points (10 respective matches):
17: Györ
15: Vardar
14: FTC, Buducnost

Highest number of points only in the six main round matches:
11: Györ
9: FTC
9: Bucuresti

Individual top scorer:
78 goals: Karina Sabirova (Astrakhanocka)
74 goals: Amanda Kurtovic (Larvik)
74 goals: Andrea Penezic (Vardar))

Low score main round matches:
43 goals: Esbjerg vs Midtjylland (22:21)
44 goals: Vardar vs Metz (23:21)
45 goals: Krim vs Bucuresti (21:24)

High score main round matches:
70 goals: Metz vs Vardar (42:28)
68 goals: Larvik vs Bucuresti (35:33))
64 goals: Midtjylland vs Esbjerg (38:26)

Biggest margins in main round:
19 goals: Metz vs Astrakhanocka (37:18)
18 goals: Buducnost vs Astrakhanocka (38:20)
17 goals: Györ vs Krim (39:22), Krim vs Györ (17:34)

Highest attendance:
5,273: Györ vs Larvik
5,143: Györ vs Esbjerg
5,103: Buducnost vs Krim

TEXT: Björn Pazen / bc