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GROUP 2 REVIEW: FCM secured a quarter-final berth with their first away win of the season- they beat Krim 27:21

Strong second half sees FCM through

It was almost an impossible task for RK Krim Mercator to qualify for the quarter-final phase of the competition. The Slovenian side needed a nine-goal win against FC Midtjylland- while their best win this season was only by five goals.

While the Slovenian side started the game well and impressed in defence, they could not keep their rhythm as time progressed, and they failed to achieve their objective.

After FCM’s shaky second half to the main round phase, they are through to the quarter-finals, but will finish fourth in the group if CSM Bucuresti win tomorrow against Team Esbjerg.

  • Veronica Kristiansen was FCM’s best player, scoring nine times
  • FCM won their first away game of the season on their sixth try
  • FCM will meet either HC Vardar or FTC-Cargo Rail Hungaria in the quarter-final phase
  • Krim ended the main round phase with six points -as many as they had after the group phase- with six defeats in as many matches


RK Krim Mercator (SLO) vs FC Midtjylland (DEN) 21:27 (9:10)

FCM did not win any of their last four games in the competition. The Danish side was slowly bracing for another failed season.

However, they would have had to lose by at least nine goals to an uninspired Krim side to be kicked out of the competition. The Slovenian side failed to win any of their last five games in the main round phase.

But for the first 20 minutes of the game, Krim kept the fire of hope burning. Taking an early two-goal lead helped the hosts build the momentum. They were effective at preying on FCM’s technical faults and missed opportunities.

However, Krim’s lead never got bigger than two goals- it was 6:4 after 20 minutes. Their rising star Elisabeth Omoregie seemed to be having an off day.

A 5:2 run for FCM was the key period in the game- the Danish side took control in the 27th minute and never looked back.

Back court power sees FCM through

It was a 7:2 run that really forced Krim to settle for fifth place in the group. Norwegian left back Veronica Kristiansen wreaked havoc for the Slovenian defence with her powerful shots. Kristiansen got much needed help from right back Louise Katharina Burgaard. FCM’s wings were relatively silent for the game.

With Omoregie never finding her stride, Krim kept passing the ball between all their players, but nobody really stepped up to take initiative. An astonishing 17 technical faults were committed by the Slovenian side.

FCM kept the game in control, and Kristian Kristiansen changed his line-up in the final 15 minutes.

This line-up change didn’t harm FCM’s chances, as the Danish side came out as winners, 27:21. It was their first away game victory of the season.

Kristensen was delighted with the outcome: "It was a great game for us, we played very well. After the break we played even better. I´m very happy about quarter-finals, there are going to be some tough matches."

Aneta Benko, right wing for Krim, was gutted by the outcome: "I would give anything to win this game, even if we didn't get to the quarter finals- just so we could say goodbye to this years championship with a win. In the first half we played well, but afterwards we were slowly sinking. We were prepared for them but somehow they were still a step ahead of us. We have to shake our opponents hand and congratulate them for the win. The feeling is great, that we have come so far and that we had a nice journey."

The Danish side is now third in the group, but  they will fall to fourth place if CSM win tomorrow against Esbjerg. They have a two-legged tie against Vardar or FTC looming in the next phase.

TEXT: Adrian Costeiu/kc