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GROUP 1 REVIEW: FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria claimed two points against Thüringer HC in their Round 2 EHF Champions league game

FTC leave no chances for THC

Following the victory in Metz last week, FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria continue in strong form to deservedly obtain two points in their second game of the EHF Champions League Main Round against Thüringer HC - 32:24.

  • FTC earned their third win in a row in the EHF Champions League

  • Twelve players from FTC made it onto the scoresheet

  • No player from either team scored more than four goals

FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria (HUN) vs Thüringer HC (GER) 32:24 (15:10)

FTC and THC had a successful start in the Main Round, with both teams grabbing two points in Round 1. The Hungarian team managed to beat Metz in France, while the German champions claimed a decisive home victory against group outsider Astrakhanochka.

Hosts dominant from the start

Following success in Metz, FTC climbed to second place in the group. They were regarded as strong favourites against the fifth-placed THC. Herbert Müller, head coach of THC, agreed that his team were underdogs- stating that even a draw against powerhouses such as FTC or Vardar would be a sensational result.

Indeed, the hosts were dominant from the very start. Thüringer players found it hard to get past FTC’s tight defense, and the visitors were down 3:7 after just ten minutes. However, Müller’s team should be credited for not giving up- they kept pace with their opponents and almost drew level at 10:9 in the 24th minute.

Nevertheless, FTC had a 5:1 run in the remaining time of the first half, which allowed them to go to the dressing room with a comfortable lead (15:10).

Müller thought that his teams biggest issues happened in the first half: "The biggest problem was in the first half, where we could not take advantage of our chances."

Top scorers with only four goals

Right after the break, the Hungarian outfit enjoyed an even better spell when Blanka Biro made a number of saves, and her teammates efficiently converted their chances at the opposite half.

Ten minutes into the second half, the score was 22:11, and the outcome was clear. FTC went on to clinch their third straight victory in the EHF Champions League. They now have nine points, while the German champions stay on four points.

Elek Gábor, head coach of FTC, was delighted with the win: "I am so happy that we won, and that I could give a chance the players, who played less in previous matches.. our goalkeeper was very good also."

The two opposing teams scored 56 goals in total, however, the match did not feature any prolific scorers. Zita Szucsanski, Dora Hornyak, and notably the ex-THC player Danick Snelder, found the net four times each for the hosts, while Meike Schmelzer, Manon Houette and Kerstin Wohlbold scored the same number of goals at the German side. 


TEXT: Sergey Nikolaev/kc